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Feb 21st
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boxing_imageZab Judah vs. Vernon Paris
Zab Judah fights seem so easy to predict.  He wins over the B grade and below, and he loses to A-grade fighters.  However, if you really take a good look, it becomes a bit more confusing.  He was two different people in two fights with Cory Spinks.  He lost a one-pointer to Joshua Clottey.  beat Omar Weis, when no one was able to legitimately do so.  He also fought Floyd tough, but was dominated by Amir Khan.  He goes even-up with guys at the Matthysse/Clottey level, but here's the real question: Where is Vernon Paris?  His win over Tim Coleman was impressive, but was more a story of Coleman's collapse.  I like the trash talking capabilities of both men, but there are too many questions to make an accurate prediction.  Gut instinct tells me that Judah is not motivated to get in the same line for the umpteenth time, and slacks off just enough.  Paris by majority decision.

Danny Garcia vs. Erik Morales
Erik Morales is taking on another young prospect, but this time, it's someone who we have actually heard of.  Garcia did not exactly look dominant against Holt, but few people do.  Morales has never done well against fighters who can box, and use footwork.  Not that Garcia is Zahir Raheem in that style, but I think this is where we will see all sides of Danny Garcia.  He will slug to prove he is "mas macho", but after taking a few hard shots from the old warrior, he will get smart, and outbox a much slower Morales down the stretch.  Morales' thin skin will also be an advantage to the Philly fighter.  Garcia by UD or late round TKO on cuts.

Kell Brook vs. Matthew Hatton
Hatton has gotten so many paydays with his last name, and here it is again.  Kell Brook is going the route of trying to look dominant over guys who usually are able to hang tough.  Rather than beating good opponents, he is beating decent ones badly.  This was the case against Rafal Jackiewicz, and will be the case against Hatton.  Hatton's chin will allow him to stay on his feet for a while, but he will be broken down, and dominated... probably even stopped.  Brook by late round TKO.

Carlos Molina vs. James Kirkland
This is the most interesting fight of the month, in my opinion.  Molina has shown that his lack of power or good management was responsible for his slow start to the professional ranks.  Now that he has righted the ship, he looks very impressive.  The trouble is, his opponent's real achilles heel has been his chin, and focus.  He's fixed one, and replaced the other with heart.  Molina does not knock guys out, typically, anyway.  Kirkland's test here is how well he stays focused when he is outboxed in spots, and can his stamina take him for the long haul... something Molina has a realistic chance of testing.  Odds are that anyone Ann Wolfe trains will not run out gas, and Kirkland's boxing skills in rounds 2-6, are actually what made the difference against Angulo.  Molina's skills and durability will keep him in the fight, but Kirkland will hit just hard enough to keep him honest, and box just well enough, to take advantage of the hesitancy.  Kirkland by close-ish UD.   MARCH BOXING PREDICTIONS PART 1
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