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Feb 24th
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top-rank-goldenboyHow exciting is the welterweight division?  Let me count the ways?: It's so exciting that Top Rank and Golden Boy don't even need each other.  They have enough matchups to last them a few years (especially GBP).  Even the understaffed fighter stable at TRP between 140-154 has many interesting matchups: Bradley, Marquez, Pacquiao, Provodnikov, Kirkland and Andrade taking on anyone moving up, and if Mike Jones ever fights again, him too.  For Golden Boy, however, the sky is the limit.  There are at least 8 fighters at 147 alone that make for amazing matchups that are available to them.  In their case, we are not including 140 and 154lbers which make it an even more exciting, if confusing maze.

It's so exciting that if I told you there would be a tournament of the recent losers in the division, it would still be more intriguing than most of what is happening in other weight classes.  Broner, Berto, Judah, Guerrero, Alexander, Soto-Karass, and the loser of Ortiz-Collazo could still provide a lot of excitement.  Between the names I have just rattled off are many who have already come back from losses to right the ship.. and this would certainly provide the platform to do it again.  Collazo and Ortiz is a fight that could eliminate the loser from serious contention, but these are two men I would not be quick to write off for many reasons.  Erislandy Lara has said he can make 147lbs.  Danny Garcia or Lucas Matthysse are sure to move up eventually.  These are also fighters whose promotional ties provide no barrier to these great fights being made.

It is so exciting that the winners don't need to include Pacquiao or Mayweather to command public interest.  The winners, however, and this is Mayweather not withstanding: Mailgnaggi, Maidana, Porter, and Thurman could give us one heck of a 4-man tournament to rpovider a unified champion, and number one contender to Floyd Mayweather.  Let's be honest, though, the two names we are leaving out are Amir Khan and Kell Brook.  Neither of them have done anything at 147;bs to deserve being considered for this honor, and since a fight between the two of them is the biggest fight in the UK currently, there is not excuse why this should not be made.  Mayweather will probably still face Khan next, but if you thought fight fans were not happy with this match before, just wait for the outrage after Broner's upending at the hands of Maidana.  

Maidana is the most deserving, and exciting opponent for Mayweather.  Would I pick him to beat him?  No way.  However, the holes Chino poked in Broner's defense are enough to earn a chance to see if he can duplicate that success against the true master.  Add to that he has a belt, and has beaten another top then P4P fighter, and has an always exciting style.  These are claims Khan cannot make, and Brook seems to be running from decent opposition at all costs.  Khan vs. Brook is necessary to bring the winner into this loaded discussion.  Mayweather vs. Maidana would give Floyd an exciting, but deserving opponent in a very winnable fight.  It makes too much sense not to happen.  I just hope Schaefer has not gotten too cozy with the idea of Khan-Maywetaher.  Once a promoter has his eyes on something, the words of fans/writers will only make them stubborn and steadfast, not accommodating or compassionate.

Chris Strait

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