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Feb 24th
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Home Boxing 2013 WISH LIST
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boxing fightWe are more than halfway through 2013, and there is much more to look forward to than has already occurred.  Mayweather vs. Canelo is the closest to Mayweather vs. Pacquiao that we are going to get.  Pacquiao is not nearly atop the P4P list anymore, but he is sure to have a barn-burner against Brandon Rios, and usher in the new Asian era of dominance.  Who would have thought?  China is taking over for the USA in every category soon.  We will get to say boxing led the way.  Here's how I'd like to see the rest of the year play out.

Outcomes for scheduled fights:
Mayweather should dominate Canelo, and throw ice water on the "Viva Meheeco" bandwagon as only he can.  Alvarez will still be vital, and have a ton of time to move forward and get better.  He will then kill time by beating Khan in the UK, waiting for Matthysse to become a star.
Matthysse should destroy Garcia, and it won't be quick either.  He will then take on Broner.  That is a pick 'em fight.  
Pacquiao should beat Brandon Rios, but he will take more damage.  He will be on the retirement list by next year.
Bradley vs. Marquez... I hope it's a good, not great fight.  One more brawl will ruin them both.  The winner deserves the big money Pacquiao fight, and I hope it happens next spring.
Alvarado vs. Provodnikov.  Don't be surprised if that is fight of the year.  I really hope so.
Haye will KO Fury, and eliminate one of the many loudmouth Brits who can't beat Klitschko.  Price and Chisora are entertaining.. nothing more.
Arreola will beat Mitchell, but it won't matter... for now.  Soon, all these US heavyweights will have a nice round robin.

Sergio Martinez - He is on the way out.. he should quit on top, instead of Golovkin hammering him into retirement.  he's earned as much.
Vitali Klitschko - Don't hold a belt hostage, when you are already 42 years old, injury riddled, and planning your next career.  It's not fair to the fans, or the other fighters in your division.  You are a future hall of famer.  There is nothing left to prove.
Felix Sturm - Boring, corrupt, and a whiner.  Please go away.
Jose Suliaman, Don King, Bob Arum... they are responsible for many great events in boxing history, and deserve their place... but that isn't happening much anymore, and they are still screwing fighters and fans with their craziness.

New fights I hope for:
Klitschko vs. Povetkin - I'll believe it when I see it, but this is the closest thing to a competitive match Klitschko will have.
Golovkin vs. Geale.. the winner takes over for Martinez.  Nuff said.  Quillin is a non entity until he fights one of those 3.
Rigo vs. Mikey Garcia - It's a lower risk way to finally bridge the gap in the silly Top Rank vs. Golden Boy feud.  Not to mention the riskiest fight for both men.  Rigo would have to leap up 2 divisions, but with his strengths, it won't matter.

Chris Strait

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