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Apr 16th
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Home Boxing 2010 AWARDS, PART 2
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boxer_of_the_yearFIGHTER OF THE YEAR
If he had stopped Bernard Hopkins in 3, Jean Pascal would be here, no question, but a badly-fading performance lops him out of the running.  That leaves no one else in my mind, except Sergio Martinez.  In his first fight ever at Middleweight, he lifted the title from Kelly Pavlik.  It was Pavlik’s first loss at his natural weight.   Martinez also had to get off the canvas from a knockdown, and adjust his style, once Pavlik had initially figured him out.  He followed this up by getting revenge over his only recent loss, with a stunning one-punch KO over Paul Williams.  Though few are talking about it yet, he is likely the leading contender for a Mayweather match, if Floyd can stay out of jail.  Even if no one else comes calling at 154, Martinez has a host of exciting contenders to his 160lb crown.  Not bad for a guy who is closer to 40 than 30.
Honorable mention – Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Lopez, Andre Ward
Juan Manuel Marquez – Sure, Juan Diaz has seen his best days, and Michael Katsidis was never a championship-caliber fighter, but they are brawlers who guarantee a tough night for anyone.  Marquez had seemingly had enough tough nights, but it turned out he still had more than enough left in the tank.  Marquez was already in his mid 30’s, having had many wars, when he suffered the first clear-cut loss of his career.  Marquez was beaten up and dominated by Floyd Mayweather, and if he had decided to hang up his gloves after that, no one would have blamed him.  He is already a first-ballot hall-of-famer, and had little left to prove.  For him to take nearly a year off, and pick right back up where he left off is quite impressive.  He won his fights against Diaz and Katsidis in the same fashion he always did, as if the Mayweather fight never happened.  One of these days he is going to age, but he doesn’t seem to be taking any soft touches until it happens.
Honorable mention – Jason Litzau, Pongsalek Wongkongjam
Floyd Mayweather – He was an unbeaten world champion at the beginning of the decade, and he is an undefeated 5 division champion at the end of it.  Whatever you think of him personally, or his business over action-style… there is no denying he is ‘the man’ of the first decade of this millennium.  He has beaten the best fighter (at the time) in all 5 divisions he competed in, even if he forced Hatton out of 140 to do it.  Other than 4 or 5 rounds lost to Castillo and de la Hoya, no one has even come close to beating him.  He also became a huge box-office attraction the old fashioned way… by being an amazing talent.  No rabid ethnic fan-base.  No winning personality.  No explosive KOs .  Manny Pacquiao can beat everyone within a 5-division radius by 1st round KO, and the majority of wise ring experts would still probably pick a rusty Floyd to beat him. That’s how good he is. 
Honorable mention: Oscar de la Hoya, Bernard Hopkins, Manny Pacquiao

Chris Strait

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