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Apr 25th
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About Us

ca-logo-black is a promotional company that focuses on artistic freedom of expression and collaboration of talents. Our goal is to provide high quality events along with detailed stories related to ART, BOXING, MMA & RIDES. consist of seasoned artists, experienced writers, creative graphic designers and professional photographers. We aspire to broaden the exposure of new and more obscure forms of art. Enjoy, learn, live & inspire.


Steven E. Arredondo


Chris Strait

chris-strait-convicted-artistChris Strait is a live commentator and ring announcer for professional boxing shows. He has been a boxing writer since 2000 and written for,,, and Boxing Digest magazine. He is the lead writer for Strait competed as a boxer, winning the Super Heavyweight (over 201 lbs) division in Hawaiin Gardens, CA in Feb 2001. Extremely nearsighted, he was unable to obtain a professional license. He has a weekly podcast 'Punch Line Podcast' with trainer Andy "Machine" Levine.Strait was a regular contributor to TRU-TV's 'World's Dumbest' series (2010–2012). Strait has also done commentary on E!, and Fuel TV. He has performed stand-up comedy on Playboy, and Direct TV 101. Strait has headlined comedy clubs all over the U.S. and Canada. He has performed for the U.S. military in Cuba, Japan, Bahrain and Germany. Strait was born in Inglewood, CA. and grew up in the Ladera Heights. He is of primarily Irish and German descent, although he claims himself to be "a European mutt". Strait achieved a Bachelors degree in History from California State University, Dominguez Hills. He then received his Masters degree in Psychology from Antioch University in 2001. Strait had intended to be a psychotherapist, but was told his problem-solving style was "too aggressive".


Charles Long

charles-long-convictedartist-writerCharles Long was raised in rural western Pennsylvania where his grandfather was Chief of County Detectives, a sports writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a wire editor for the Butler Eagle, and had his own talk radio show. Charles was awakened to the world of pugilism before he could ride a bicycle. A great love for the sport of boxing grew out of these early experiences. "There are many Darwinian lessons to be learned from boxing and other sports that can help you succeed in a competitive world. I would sometimes stop rehearsal to watch an important fight on a tiny “Watchman” that traveled with me wherever I went". After retirement while living in Miami, Charles followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and became a sports writer covering boxing in South Florida. Long's really honed his writing skills after working in south Florida as a boxing sports writer. It forced him to embrace the old actor’s axiom that “less is more,” and he developed a terse, crisp style that melded nicely with his lofty, sardonic prose. Charles performed with world famous opera companies and sang alongside opera’s greatest stars. Charles is the author of Adventures in the Scream Trade - Scenes from an Operatic Life.  In the process he illustrates why the word “opera,” which means “works” in Latin, truly denotes a labor of love for so many who have given their all to the art.


Thomas McKay

thomas-mckay-convicted-artistThomas McKay is known by many as the man who takes that first step. He is a motivator and doesn't believe in backing down. McKay's unyielding perseverance is likely the reason he has accomplished so much in his life. McKay has been a part of the southwest's boxing scene since 1966 when he helped form the Southwest International Amateur Boxing Association (SWIABA). McKay also wrote a book titled "Magic! Magic! Magic!, a detailed masterpiece about the legacy of "Cliff "Magic" Thomas. McKay captures the very essence of Cliff Thomas"s magical career and brings to the forefront the explosive sport of kickboxing. McKay is a longtime boxing writer for and has written some twenty other publications including treasured Hall of Fame Booklets. Though McKay has severe cancer, he has battled the disease for over 17 years. And as always, Coach McKay is proud to have served his country as a United States Marine. McKay was selected as a Top-Ten Senior at UTEP in 1971 and gained his Masters with a 4.0 GPA. He went to UTEP full time even though he was an El Paso Policeman back then. And yes, he still trains students as much as possible.



Paul Bryan Jr.

paul-bryan-jr-convicted-artist-artPaul Bryan Jr. is a Newport Beach, California Artist specializing in prolific portraits of famous celebrities, admirable philosophers and significant U.S. Presidents. Bryan who considers himself a self taught artist says that his hyper-realistic style of art came as result of his love for Oriental Art paired with Western pop-culture. His wide painting collection of admirable super stars such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Axle Rose and many others have been displayed at American and European museums worldwide. Dozens of well known actors, musicians and politicians own his fantastic paintings including David Lee Roth who selected one of Paul Bryan’s master pieces for one of his album covers. “Having my art on the cover of the “David Lee Roth’s Greatest Hits” is an honor” said Paul Bryan Jr.





David Arredondo

d-a-convicted-artist-artDavid was born in El Paso, Texas and as an artist he works on everything from oil paintings and tattoos to digital graphics and photography. David enjoyes enjoys tattooing a lot because it's challenging. Tattooing is one of the roughest breeds of art because your dealing with the skin and trust of another human being. "Skin isn't liberal and all skin is NOT created equal. There is no such thing as second chances for error or incompetence. Some skin is easier to work on that others." he said. "When tattooing, it's just me, the gun and the skin I'm working on. Nothing else matters."Arredondo discovered at an early age that he had a talent for art. "I was 8 yrs old and enjoyed creating murals on the walls of abandoned buildings. Doing that got me into a lot of trouble so I grew out of that and decided to take an art class in middle school". "I'm critical on myself and tend to over analyze every detail of my art. If something doesn't come out right I toss it and start all over."As a kid the only class he loved in school was art. His art teacher P.H. Neria knew David had talent and recommended he compete in the May of 1991 National Chamizal Art Awards Competition. David did and suprised himself by winning first place. After spending many years painting with oil pastels and colored pencils, Arredondo decided to try tattooing at the age of 19.


Josh Webster

jw-convicted-artistJosh Webster is a Huntington Beach, California based commercial artist and painter known for work that bridges the gap between street art and traditional graphic design. Influenced by 80s street culture, Josh later pursued his talent in the graphic design forum. He specializes in action sports style art and creates unique patterns for several apparel companies throughout Southern California. Many of the dark clothing designs on Volcom, Hitman Fight Gear, Tap Out, Ice Man, Ice Man Metrix, Black Flys, Silver Star, Atwater, and F54 were created by Josh. "I worked at Volcom for 3 years, did work for Black Fly Sunglasses, Many up and upcoming companies too like Atwater and F54. Black Wing, Heart and Huntington, Ice Man Products, Tap Out. Fancy Free (Girls Painting) Pink Paparazzi and T-shirt designs for Lincoln Park Singer Chester (VECEL)" said Webster during a recent interview. Josh Webster definitely knows art and we proudly include some of his creations in our ever expanding Art Gallery.




PJ Russo
Robert Gray
Gabor Mereg




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