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Feb 28th
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2015-heavyweight-boxingI make a lot of predictions, I know.  Many of them involve specific fights, but occasionally, I like to gamble on the future of an individual fighter, network, sanctioning entity, or promotional outfit.  This time, I am doing so for a division, and only for a one-year span.  The careers of half the pound for pound top ten list is winding down to an end, and a shift will be occurring.  The big boys of boxing are also primed for a new dawn.  here's where I think a few of the divisions top fighters will be in 13 more months:
Deontay Wilder - We don't now anything about him, really, and that is how Al Haymon likes it.  Stiverne has the power to shake things up, but one has to believe his passive style will make him tailor-made for Wilder.  And if you think a Klitschko unification is going to happen, think again.  Wilder is due another mandatory against Bryant Jennings, and if he comes through that ok, Haymon will give him another soft touch or two, while waiting for Big Wlad to get older.  It won't be that exciting, but he will still be unbeaten at year's end.
Alexander Povetkin - Povetkin's limitations were shown against Klitschko, but he should beat most other top heavyweights, including Chagaev, if they end up fighting.  Again, he will be matched carefully, but he is awaiting the Klitschko retirement as much as anyone else, and has the pedigree to still be there when he does retire.
Bryant Jennings - He will most likely lose in 2015, but his learning curve almost demands he will be a better fighter for it, and end 2015 on a winning note.  Future beltholder, I do predict.
Mike Perez - His story was inspirational, and got even moreso after he defeated Magomed Abdulsamayov, and showed genuine care in the face of the impending tragedy.  However, his draw and close loss in his next two starts showed the shortcomings, and it is probably going to get worse before it gets better.  He slugs against boxers, and boxes against sluggers, but does not adjust within fights quickly enough.
Bermane Stiverne - If he pulls off the upset against Wilder, he may actually fight Klitschko.  That is a style nightmare, as is half the division.  He has looked good recently, and is one of the division's smartest fighters, but has also been matched with men who make that very easy.  He will be exposed fairly soon, by any durable fighter with a good work-rate, or a big man like Wilder or Klitschko.
Tyson Fury - He is big, young, loud, and can give a punch a lot better than he can take one.  Therefore, I hope he is around for a long time.  It will be entertaining for those who either love or hate him.  However, he is running out of credible British challengers quicker than anticipated, and not always by getting in the ring with them.  Eventually he will have to face a man who hits like Klitschko or Wilder, and that will likely end badly... unless his learning curve drastically speeds up.  In fact, I would not be surprised if Fury is first bested by a journeyman's lucky punch.

Chris Strait

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