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Sep 16th
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deontay-wilder-heavyweight-boxing-championI know the USA has been hurting for great heavyweights, or at least high-level heavyweight fights to take place on our shores.  However, 3 world title fights have been fought in our country in 2015, and the result has not been what we expected.  For starters, the 3 match-ups consisted of HBO and Showtime coverage only, so thus far, the network TV re-charge of boxing has not included the big boys.  Secondly, so far we have expected 3 scintillating early knockouts, and instead got 2 decisions and a late KO.  

Wladimir Klitschko came to NYC to defend against the second best USA heavyweight in the world, according to most experts.  the fight went pretty much according to plan, with Klitschko landing jabs, and the occasional right hand or left hook, while being to afraid to throw any body shots or uppercuts.  The only thing that we didn't plan on was Bryant Jennings' chin.  he absorbed Klitschko's bombs well, and even moved his hands occasionally to stela rounds, when Big Wlad was resting.  Not exactly the return to our shores that we were hoping for, when it comes to the legit heavyweight champion of the world.

Deontay Wilder, on the other hand, has already fought twice in 2015.  The 2008 bronze medalist went the distance in a wide decision win over Bermane Stiverne to capture the belt.  he then defeated lightly regarded Eric Molina by 9th round KO, after dropping him 4 times, and surviving a hard couple of shots in round 3.  These things may be essential for his development, but if he wanted US fans to take notice of his chances against the elite... he should have stopped Stiverne late, and Molina early.  

Now, while we find Wilder fights a bit more interesting, we are not exactly excited by his chances with Klitschko or even Povetkin, who he must face.  Haymon can steer him away from most threats, and is already pulling out all the stops to delay the Povetkin fight, but eventually that will have to take place.  Haymon has a modus operandi with unbeaten fighters, in that he rarely risks them.  Therefore, whether he believes in Wilder or not, the big Alabaman will be moved as if he is a piece of fine china, not a big, scary heavyweight bomber.

 Tyson Fury has improved his skills impressively, but at his core, he is a glassed-jawed bum.  Klitschko will likely expose him in either a boring grab fest, or a brutal KO.  If Fury looks anything less than pathetic, however, Wilder may make big money taking him on.  Other than that, Povetkin, who has been scoring big KOs lately, and seems to be coming into his own, may put a quick end to our nations flirtation with heavyweight importance.  Either way, at least Wilder finds it hard to bore us.  That is always good news.

Chris Strait

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