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Mar 06th
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boxing-awards-2011Now, I know this category is no longer the exclusive property of ‘Ring’ Magazine.  Nearly every writer puts in a list, and I am no different.  It has not been a stellar year for boxing.  The big matchup eluded us, while belt situations only got muddier.  Martinez is still middleweight champion, but landed no big fights.  Khan and Bradley may now never happen, and the Klitschkos scarcely lost a round.  Maybe I can at least create a new catgory or two, but familiar names are involved.  2011 did offer some surprises and some thrills.

Bad Decision of the Year:
Erislandy Lara vs. Paul Williams.
Felix Sturm is in this category twice with his “win” and “draw” over the 4M crew: Matthew Macklin and Martin Murray.  However, he could rob 12 fighters and still not come off as bad as this decision did.  As wide as 10-2 in some circles, this one was even surprising in a sport which can hardly surprise anyone anymore.  Williams was cleanly outboxed all night, and even his corner knew he was way behind.  A rematch will not be forthcoming, as his supposed genius manager definitely slipped up by letting another slick southpaw in front of ‘The Punisher”.  Honorable mention goes to Robert Helenius over Dereck Chisora.

Round of the Year
James Kirkland vs. Alfredo Angulo, Round 1.
Andre Berto and Victor Ortiz’s round 6 would be hard to top, especially when you can make Emmanuel Steward exclaim “My God!”  However, I cannot recall a round when I was erroneously certain that both fighters were going to be KO’d.  The referee saved this one, and I thank him for it.  Angulo looked quite rusty, but after hurting Kirkland , he was not allowed to be.  He did not attack well, and Kirkland did just enough to hang on, until Angulo punched himself out.  Kirkland then took over in a more permanent way… with his hand speed.  Although possessing the better chin, once Angulo’s legs were gone, they did not return, and he was pummeled for 6 more rounds before the bout ended.

Controversy of the Year
Russell Mora, Agbeko vs. Mares
Besides weird scoring, Russell Mora gets “honors” for his atrocious refereeing performance in Abner Mares vs. Joseph Agbeko 1.  He accomplished this by ignoring literally dozens of low blows, and in fact scoring one of them as a knockdown.  Poor Agbeko has had about 4 knockdowns in his career, none of them legitimate.  He was also erroneously scored down by Mora in round 1.  The writing had been on the wall with Mora.  He had waved off a fight ridiculously early, and let one go on too long, in televised cards on the same weekend, earlier in the year.  More training is in order, or… how about this… a de-frocking.  Plenty of people want to do his job.  He’s blown enough calls.

Comeback of the Year
Orlando Salido
For a guy who lost 4 fights by KO early in his career, he has developed one heck of a chin.  That was not supposed to matter.  He stood up top the bombs of Yuriorkis Gamboa, but was otherwise ineffective.  Juanma might not be Jake La Motta, but he had a better chin than Gamboa, right?  Maybe not.  After establishing superior skills, it became apparent as early as round 4 that Lopez could not keep salido off of him.  Whiel he had the ability to slip and counter for many more rounds, Salido’s relentlessness finally paid off, when he badly staggered and stopped Lopez in his own hometown.  Questionable stoppage, but Salido’s dominating hometown defense a few months later made it a very good year for a once forgotten fractional belt-holder.
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