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May 25th
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boxing imageShawn Porter vs. Kell Brook
This is about the only fight I am truly excited for in the month of August.  While I will believe it when they are both in the ring, it seems as if brook will finally take the leap.  Brook has had flashes of brilliance, and flashes of ordinary.  Porter is coming on strong, and seems to be iron-chinned, but Brook may have the most power of any top fighter he has faced.  I just think the strength, momentum, and confidence edges all go to Porter, who will put himself in the Mayweather sweepstakes with an impressive win here.  He should get it, by wide decision.
Brandon Rios vs. Diego Chavez
This may seem certain to be a brawl, but Chavez was forced to make it a fight against Thurman, because of his style.  however, he may be able to use more skills against Rios.  It remains to be seen how much is left in the tank of the Oxnard-based Kansan, but Chaves was likely selected because the Thurman fight showed vulnerability.  I think he has a solid chance of pulling off the upset in a decision, but gut instinct tells me Rios will pull it out late, with a KO win.
Sergei Kovalev vs. Blake Caparello
It makes one wonder why Sergei keeps being put in with light hitters.  He seems to have a good chin, but who knows?  he is a smart fighter for a face-first attacker, and Caparello has not exactly shined against the lower tier he has fought.  Simply put, he cannot keep Sergei off of him.  Kovalev by 2nd round KO.
Sakio Bika vs. Anthony Dirrell 2
This matchup may actually provide an opponent worthy of idle champion Andre ward.  It seems the rest of the division is lining up for Froch, while ward battles promoters in court.  DeGale, Chavez, Kessler... none of them seem to want S.O.G.  Dirrell may actually get that fight if he finally beats Bika, who already lost every round to Ward.  Dirrell didn't so much as suffer a draw to Bika, as he simply refused to win.  I understand that Bika is awkward and tiring to fight, but a faster, more confident fighter would have left no doubt to judges as to who was in control.  I'm not going to say he's a changed man, but I think he'll do just enough to get it this time.  Dirrell by close UD.

Chris Strait

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