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Feb 24th
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julio-cesar-chavez-jr-vs-andrzej-fonfaraGarcia vs. Peterson
Yes, I could complain that it is two years too late, or at a catch-weight... or even that it was the fight between two guys who got lucky breaks against Amir Khan.  However, I am just glad it is happening.  Given the styles, it should be a great fight, and a chance for each man to redeem themselves in the eyes of fans.  Garcia for his near-miss against Herrera, and hapless-victim Rod Salka, as well as Peterson for his inconsistency.  Unfortunately for Lamont, we know now what styles bother Danny, and it's not the plodding pressure fighter.  He is too durable, and has decent enough boxing skills.  In fact, I would not be surprised if Peterson's usually durable chin has another Mattyhsse moment later in the fight.  Garcia by late TKO, after winning most rounds.

Beterbiev vs. Campillo
Beterbiev did not exactly scintillate against Page his last time out.  Muscling 3 flash knockdowns after tasting the canvas himself.  Unfortunately, because he looked so great against Cloud, and the Quebec scene is moving too fast, he has to learn quickly.  Bad luck fighter Campillo is actually coming off a win over another highly touted prospect in Thomas Williams.  If judges had eyes, he would also be 2-0 against Shumenov, and a winner over Cloud, himself... at a time when both were unbeaten, as well.  However, his legitimate losses to Kovalev and Fonfara are the reason why I will not be picking him.  The Spaniard does not respond well to big punchers who put on constant pressure, and are not afraid to miss.  It probably won't take long, either, even if Campillo wins all the opening rounds.  Chico Guapo will be gone by round 5.  Beterbiev by KO.

Crawford vs. Dulorme
Dulorme gets one good win over a frozen Karim Mayfield, and suddenly we are expected to forget about the Abregu loss.  I am not about to forget, however.  He is a TV friendly fighter, whose management has to cash in on the hype that surrounded him, and this is the best way.  Crawford seems to be a fighter who can do it all: box, slug, orthodox, southpaw.  He also has good power, but doesn't rely on it, in addition to good speed and a very solid chin.  Bud is one of those B+/A- all around guys, who does nothing badly.  This spells trouble for Dulorme, who has shown flashes of brilliance... but if you thought Gamboa looked out of answers, just wait til round 5 of this one.  Crawford by late TKO, after dominating.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Andrzej Fonfara
The first few rounds of this one may be pathetic, but don't click away.  Chavez and Fonfara are both pressure fighters who start slow, and seem to get stronger as fights go on.  Fonfara, however, is facing the most durable fighter of his career, and if he thinks he has any chance of winning a decision, just check out your opponent's last name.  Not a chance.  Fonfara has to start early, dominate, and then put pressure on.  That is an exhausting task for a fighter that even started late against a back-pedaling Stevenson.  Chavez will not hurt Fonfara either, but he will not need to.  He is protected by corruption, and will never lose a decision, unless it is dominating.  This is something that Fonfara is likely not capable of.  Chavez by close, controversial decision.


Chris Strait

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