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Jan 27th
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boxing_glovesHow do you like that, folks?  Vegas is now more corrupt than a third world nation.  The handlers of Light Heavyweight contender Beibut Shumenov couldn’t get the job done wresting the WBA title away from Gabriel Campillo in Kazakhstan , so they had to come to Vegas for the rematch, where apparently even well-known and otherwise respected judges can be bought, or blinded, or whatever-the-hell happened. 

Shumenov may have gotten the decision, and the WBA strap, yet it was Campillo that served notice as a new light heavyweight threat.  Sadly, much like Felix Sturm, we will likely never see him again, as his debut in this country ended with him getting screwed out his title.  Although Campillo took some time to get started in most of the rounds, his work was 10 times more effective.  Shumenov repeatedly loaded up and threw big combinations, only to have them blocked or parried by the more technically-sound Spaniard. 

The Kazakh fighter was also rocked by combinations, and absorbed a sustained barrage in the ninth round.  Can you imagine if that was Tavoris Cloud landing with similar frequency?  Shumenov would have likely ended up the third row.  His wins over a shot Montell Griffin and Byron Mitchell are looking much less impressive now. 
Campillo mastered the art of hitting and not getting hit, which is what this sport is supposed to be about.  If there is any fairness in the WBA (let’s all laugh together), there will be a mandated rubber match.  That fight should take place in Spain .  Campillo has never lost in his home country.  Besides, with his style and lack of power, he deserves to finally have the advantage, after several consecutive fights on the road.
P.S. In what was a great win for Erislandy Lara, I couldn’t help but feel sad for Grady Brewer.
  The right management, an earlier start, better luck with the timing of injuries, staying in the proper weight class, etc.  Any one of these things could have helped this former 'Contender' champion have a better run as a fighter.  He was never going to be a hall-of-famer, but he could have won a belt or two, and made more noise.  Instead, he is likely finished after being TKO’d at the last minute, on a basic cable undercard.  That’s sad.  Let’s hope Sakio Bika finishes better than this.
P.P.S.  Didn’t Jesse Brinkley’s victory over Curtis Stevens just feel good?  Anytime you can shut up a cocky New Yorker, I am going to be cheering, but it was more than that.  Stevens landed many clean shots, right on the chin.  Brinkley just wasn’t hurt by them, and employed one of the most effective displays of distance-control I have ever seen in boxing.  This was simply an issue of a fighter (Stevens) having no plan B to counter the scenario of an opponent not falling.  In addition, Brinkley is not going to beat Lucien Bute, so he should savor the heck out of this!
Chris Strait

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