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Apr 25th
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chris-arreola-tomasz-adamekI am glad the rematch between Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson has been signed.  Regardless of the controversial ending, it is a good style matchup that made for an entertaining fight the first time.  Should be at least similar the second time.  It has me thinking, though, what are some other fights that might be good to see a second time.. or third.  In most cases, it is intriguing because of excitement... while in others, the shift in career momentum make it a better fight potentially than it was the first time.  Either way, activity is a good thing, and it rarely slows down a fighter's progress to revist a competitive opponent.  Here are a few I'd like to see again:

Brian Viloria vs. Giovanni Segura 2
The first fight took place in the Phillipines, and while Segura has gotten adept to winning on the road, his adopted home country needs to see him again.  Viloria is of Filipino stock, but is an American as well.  It was a big upset, and an entertaining fight.  Viloria also has a history of doing much better when we are expecting less, and vice versa.  The intrigue is there.  Another win for Viloria cements his status as a late career bloomer.  Yet, if Segura can avenge a second loss, he will gain even more fans... and money.

Cris Arreola vs. Tomasz Adamek 2 - Adamek used movement, a good jab, and resiliency to score a close decision win over Arreola a couple years back.  Since then, Arreola has not been beaten, has lost weight, and remained active, if not terrifically challenged.  Both men suffered 10th round TKO losses to Vitali Klitschko, but Adamek has not fought since, while Arreola has all but become a slightly better fighter since then.  He is still front foot heavy, aggressive, and durable, but Adamek is now a bigger question mark.  Also, the fight would likely take place in Adamek's adopted hometown of Newark, since the first tussle was Adamek's one and only trip to an opponent's backyard.  The winner can springboard straight into another title shot.  Perhaps with Alexander Povetkin, should his careful managers allow him to be tested.  Regardless, it figures to be exciting.

Paul Williams vs. Sergio Martinez 3 - Sure, Martinez's dance card seems full, but I am assuming 3 things.  Martinez should beat Macklin.  Williams should beat Ishida.  Also, Chavez Jr.'s people will make him drop the belt, rather than face Martinez... facilitating a move up to 168lbs.  The writing is on the wall for all 3 things to happen, but none of them are a certainty.  Although Martinez has done very well since the 2nd Williams fight, while 'The Punisher' has only slipped and embarrassed himself... let us not forget:  Williams won the first fight legitimately (albeit closely), and was winning the second when he got caught.  The psychology of that stunning KO loss is enough to make him an underdog, but it's also enough for Martinez to get overconfident, and find himself outworked.  It's not my prediction, but provided both men go back to being ducked, it is an attractive match-up.

Beibut Shumenov vs. Gabriel Campillo 3 - This has nothing to do with whether or not Campillo defeats Tavoris Cloud.  that is a possibility, but not my pick at all.  If he wins, it's a unification, which is desperately needed in the Light Heavyuweight division.  If he loses, it is still a fight he deserves.  Shumneov got the decision in their second fight, which many people, including me, thought was a horrendous decision.  Trouble is, many people said the same thing about their first fight... being a bad decision for Campillo.  They match up in an entertaining way, and facing Campillo again will go a long way to help Beibut shed his "protected" status.  The only way this should not happen is if Cloud completely annhiliates Campillo, but few are predicting that.  

Chris Strait

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