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Apr 16th
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boxing_imageDevon Alexander vs. Kell Brook
This one is a toss-up, and the fight I am looking forward to most in February.  Brook has, like many a  Brit, talked a good game.  On the one hand, he looked brilliant against McCloskey.  On the other, completely ordinary against Carson Jones.  This might make it an easy pick if he was not fighting somebody with the same problem.  The brilliance Alexander showed against Witter and Urango has not been there since his loss to Bradley.  However, Alexnander is still a great boxer, and has fought much better opposition, so that sways my pick.  I think Brook will start too late, and finish strong, but Alexander will have built up too big a lead.  Alexander by MD.

Cory Spinks vs. Carlos Molina
Two of the most awkward, difficult guys to fight, fighting each other.  It is a good match, actually, as the winner will still be viewed as vulnerable, and likely sneak into a bigger money fight.  The loser may be back to basic cable for good, or gone altogether.  There is no way, barring an injury, that this fight does not go the distance.  Spinks chin has been getting worse recently, but Molina is not the one to test it.  Believe it or not, a prime Spinks actually had the rare style that could defeat Molina, catching him on the way in, and rolling out of harms way, on angles.  Spinks can no longer get out of the way, however, and Molina punches at any angle necessary.  Molina by wide UD.

January Leftovers

Gabriel Campillo vs. Sergei Kovalev
Campillo is the uncrowned unified champion, and rightful number one contender to Chad Dawson.  However, corruption is very effective in this sport, therefore he is viewed as an inactive, barely there contender.  Here, again, he is taking on a tough test.  It is, however, a tough test that Campillo has passed before.  Kovalev is a better puncher than Shumenov, or perhaps even Cloud, so he stands good odds of getting Campillo out of there.  My guess, however, is that an early rush, will be followed by 8 rounds of effective counterpunching.  This time, Campillo will not get screwed, and Kovalev will learn a good lesson.  Campillo by UD.

Brian Vera vs. Sergei Dzindziruk
It looks now as if Dzindziruk's close call against Jonathan Gonzalez was a result of the Puerto Rican's laziness than anything Dzindziruk did particularly well.  Dzindziruk is either showing his age, or lack of confidence since his shellacking at the hands of Martinez.  Vera is an always confident spoiler, who can punch a bit as well.  Just looking at skills, Sergei should win easily, but their are too many X-factors here.  This is the first time I have actually picked this as a result, but I am calling a draw.  this time, it may look as if Vera is the one getting a gift, but i think he'll make Dzindziruk uncomfortable enough to pull even.

Chris Strait

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