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Feb 21st
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boxing imageShawn Porter vs. Devon Alexander
Alexander can't seem to get a big opponent to risk fighting him.  At least not the British ones.  Khan and Brook would both rather feast on nobodies, while waiting for big money, than risk taking on "The Great".  Shawn Porter has little to lose, and after he has looked nothing more than decent and consistent, he needs a big win to get into the discussion.  The winner of Thurman vs. Soto-Karass is likely waiting for the winner of this match, but welterweights are defining/honing their picture this month.  I think a motivated Alexander is still too good, and too seasoned.  Porter will also have his punch output reduced.  Alexander by dull UD.

Austin Trout vs. Erislandy Lara
One of the favorite junior middleweights and one of the least favorite.  Lara is skilled, but unless he's blasting you out in one round, which he seems incapable of at the higher levels, he can be boring.  Trout can also stink it out, but it largely depends on his opponent.  He is genuinely one of the good guys in the sport, and given the lack of marketability of the Cuban, it seems most would root for Trout.  Yet, Lara is a very live underdog.  Trout has shown his willingness to come forward if his opponents defensive skills warrant it, and the Cuban's counter-punching ability is quite impressive.  Neither man is coming off of a great outing, as Lara may have beaten Angulo, but looks vulnerable in nearly every fight.  Trout lost a close one to Canelo.. but something tells me, Trout is a slight cut above, and this will become clear in the later rounds, as Lara switches from boxing, to running.  Trout by MD.Paulie

Malignaggi vs. Zab Judah
This battle for Brooklyn is not quite as highly anticipated as a Danny Jacobs - Peter Quillin matchup, but it involves more accomplished boxers.  This figures to go the distance, and be a close fight, but Judah is the one who has seemingly aged in the last few fights.  He can still blow away a nobody, and has his reflexes for the most part, but he figures to get outworked, and Paulie's chin will keep Judah from taking the fight back over with one punch.  I predict Malignaggi by SD in a fight with a bit more action than people may think.

Felix Sturm vs. Darren Barker
Sturm lost to Sam Soliman, but never one to have his name associated with fair decisions, Sturm whined his way into the mandatory position anyway.  He also got the fight in Germany, where fans pay to watch his boring style for whatever reason.  Barker is for real, but can go to defensive at times, which is the exact same knock on Sturm.  I do not think we are looking at a barnburner, and that is exactly what the German wants.  Barker will deserve the decision.  Sturm will get it, by SD.


Chris Strait

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