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Apr 25th
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boxing_imageMarcos Maidana vs. Erik Morales – Ten years ago, Morales would have outclassed a tough guy like Maidana.  Now, however, and especially at this weight, what does he have that will deter the Argentinian?  Maidana is a seriously flawed fighter, but he is powerful, fairly durable, has a ton of heart, and possesses impressive stamina.  Basically, he is a bigger David Diaz with more power, and better skin.  We all saw how badly a younger Morales did there.  Morales has been able to pad his record enough to garner him another payday, and apparently this is it.  He boxes well early, but gets overpowered as the fight wears on.  And I don’t mean it will have to wear on for long.  ‘El Terrible” will take a bad beating, and be rescued either by corner or referee.  Maidana by 4th or 5th round TKO, in a match that distracts us from “ Chino ”s technical deficiencies.

Amir Khan vs. Paul McCloskey – This fight is merely a chance for Khan to go show off his new status to the home fans, while killing time for a Bradley match to be negotiated.  If McCloskey was a serious threat, we would not be seeing this fight.  However, that seems to be the kind of fighter which poses the most risk to Khan.  McCloskey is unbeaten, but completely untested… his best wins coming against a shot former lightweight champ Cesar Bazan, and a once-dangerous Colin Lynes.  He is a good finisher late, and riding a four-fight KO streak, so if Khan gets tired, watch out.  However, I think we can count on Khan to win a wide unanimous decision, or late round TKO.

Andre Berto vs. Victor Ortiz – This is a tough one to call, but for the most part, Berto can do away with the lower weight class fighters.  Also, Ortiz is already becoming the kind of fighter we forgive for a loss.  Perhaps that is because he continually takes on tough opposition, and grows with every fight.  The same cannot be said about Berto, who lucked into a belt, and has been unwilling to test himself against worthy contenders ever since.  When he does take on somebody with a pulse, it is usually when he has a rare size advantage.  Enter Ortiz.  I’m sure Berto will be favored, but honestly, I am going to pick the upset here.  I think while Berto’s speed and strength could dazzle “Vicious” Victor… I see him making a costly mistake or two and not being able to use his strength and reflexes to keep Ortiz at bay.  Ortiz rallies after falling behind, to take a close decision.  APRIL BOXING PREDICITONS PART 1

Chris Strait

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