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Mar 06th
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pro-boxing-fightsPulling off an upset win is a big accomplishment for any fighter.  Even when viewed by itself, it’s a grand career achievement.  However, many fans and writers seem to think it is a universal springboard to future success.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Just ask Zahir Raheem, for example.  Let’s examine a few of the recent surprise winners, and categorize who will really benefit, and who will not.  There are many Middleweights here, I've noticed.

Victor Ortiz – If there is any hiccup in making Pacquiao vs. Mayweather, Ortiz is practically guaranteed one of them.  More than likely Mayweather, who can pick up another green belt, and keep the fight an in-house promotion for Golden Boy.  In fact, that fight may even happen this summer, so as to preserve the winner for a fall date with Manny.  If Mosley pulls off the upset next week, no one wants to see Floyd-Shane 2.  That means Ortiz is the man with the money yet again, as he would likely be Mosley’s next opponent.  Either way, ‘Vicious’ Victor is a much richer man by this time next year.

Marco Antonio Rubio – A huge KO win over David Lemieux poised Rubio for a shot at Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, if Chavez gets the belt from Sebastian Zbik.  Believe it or not, Rubio is the perfect foil for an upset win over Chavez Jr.  He has the punch, and the experience.  Not to mention it is an excuse to bring Zbik back to dangerous pro-Mexico crowds, even if the German champ pulls off the upset.  Rubio actually stands a better chance of upsetting the apple cart than Lemieux, who clearly needs more seasoning, and a better corner.  And it will certainly be lucrative for Rubio, regardless of the outcome.

Kassim Ouma – A win over Joey Gilbert in the latter’s hometown of Reno finally earned Ouma another crack at a belt.  This time one of the many WBA belts, held at Middleweight.  Kudos to Ouma for figuring out the way to avoid getting robbed was a win by KO.  That is not likely in his title shot.  Invest all the money you are paid very wisely, Kassim.  You can win all 12 rounds, and not get the decision.  Yes, I know it is in Panama , not Germany , but judges just don’t like Kassim.  Period.  He is back to 'Opponentsville' after this.

Brian Vera – His win over Sergio Mora is not recent.  It’s not even his first upset win.  Vera TKO'd a then-unbeaten and highly touted Andy Lee, and then thrashed Sebastian Demers in only a few rounds.  His win over Mora was on points, proving he can do it with or without power.  Even in the loaded and confused Middleweight division, however, expect to see him ignored.  At best, he gets a shot at Sebastian Sylvester or Felix Sturm, only to lose a decision, no matter what happens.  Pavlik, Pirog, and Jacobs are not taking the risk.  Martinez is not in the conversation.  Sorry, Brian.  It's not fair, but you’ll still need a few more upsets to change your status.

Chris Strait


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