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Feb 24th
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anthony-dirrell-daniel-jacobs-kassim-oumaSometimes fighters have bad luck inside the ring.  Other times bad luck just seems to follow them wherever they go outside of it, as well.  Here are a few modern examples of fighters who have not had things go their way, on their march towards belts and money.

Anthony Dirrell
Dirrell came into our view as a background entity.  He was the brother who didn't make the Olympics.  He fought in his brother Andre's shadow, as the bronze medalist made his way up the ranks.  Also fighting in the same division, he had to wait until Andre's own bad luck sidelined him (Arthur Abraham's dirty fighting resulting in a brain injury), but it was not that off that opponent, and returning to the ring, he was given a high (if not inflated) ranking in the WBC.  This all but guaranteed a title shot.  As negotiations for that bout were underway, he suffered a motorcycle accident.  One thing is for sure.  If and when Anthony Dirrell gets a shot at a title, it will be well-deserved, regardless of who he fights to get there.

Daniel Jacobs
To lose one's grandmother on the eve of your title shot is hard enough.  Then to find yourself in a harder fight for that title then you anticipated is another.  Then to finally seem to be figuring out that awkward opponent (Dmitry Pirog), when you get caught and stopped, is one heck of a bad month in your life.  Sadly for Jacobs, it did not end there.  A couple of meaningless comeback wins over fighters with losing records followed... then the dreaded c-word: Cancer.  This is where the story picks up a bit, as Jacobs seems to not only have beaten cancer, but is already scheduled to come back in October in his hometown of Brooklyn.  This guy deserves a happy ending to one heck of a crazy road.

Kassim Ouma
First, he is kidnapped by the Ugandan army when he was only 7.  Then, after defecting to the U.S. as an amateur, his father is murdered in retailiation.  Then, he is forced to take a job to help make ends meet.  Then, he is shot twice while at that job!  Add to all this, the politics of boxing.  Judges have never liked him.  He has been outright robbed at least 3 times, lost close ones another 3 times, and narrowly escaped with a decision over fighters he has dominated a few more times!  His story is overall one of triumph, as he is a father, former world champion, and has moved most of the rest of his family to the U.S., but the trouble was really piled high for this guy.

Chris Strait

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