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Feb 26th
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gennady-golovkin-gggWe are looking at yet another division where the linear championship is cheapened by the 1 contender not getting a shot at the linear champ.  GGG has been number one for at least 2 years, and now Cotto has hinted that he will give up the WBC belt if they try to force the GGG fight.  This is likely because Cotto sees dollar signs with Canelo, as well as an opponent he actually has a chance of beating.  

This means we will probably not see GGG against any stars until 2016... but regarding of all the top fighters in an around him who have been mentioned as opponents, let's break down the odds of it happening, and the prognosis if it did.  They are ranked from least likely to most likely opponents, with the first round being the more pessimistic options:

Floyd Mayweather - Not only will Floyd never face GGG, he shouldn't have to.  Floyd could probably still make 140lbs, and GGG is a strong 160.  Sure they could make the bout at a 154 catch weight, but it is too risky a bout for Floyd.  Khan sells just as many tickets as GGG, and is an easier mark.  But if the fight ever did happen, I have no idea what would happen here... Floyd could be too fast or too smart, then get caught clean and KOd.  It's just too hard to say.

Daniel Jacobs, Peter Quillin, and Andy Lee - They are all in one grouping, because the result would be the same.  GGG by middle rounds knockout, maybe even quicker with Lee.  They also will never fight Golovkin.  Their management will never risk it.  All 3 will simply defend their belts, and/or move up without ever facing him.  Hell, they barely want to face each other.

Miguel Cotto - It is not out of the realm of possibility, but Cotto will avoid it for as long as he can.  If he beats both Geale and Canelo (not likely) he will probably still stall by taking on Argentine mandatory Heiland.  If GGG beats Heiland, however, it could speed things along, but don't be surprised if Cotto retires rather than face GGG.  If they do fight, however, GGG wins by a brutal KO inside of 7 rounds.  It is just a style nightmare for the Puerto Rican star, at this stage of his career.

David Lemieux - Like Lee, Quillin, and Jacobs, the Canadian power puncher will likely be steered away as all Haymon or GBP fighters are.  However, if young David beats N'Dam, he may be tempted to cash out for the big money, as he is a vulnerable champion at best.  If they ever fight, we may finally get a test of Golovkin's chin, but Lemieux's is already sub-par, and we know that.  GGG by early KO, after getting tagged once or twice.


Chris Strait

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So just give Golovkin all the belts if he ko's everyone anyways. Why keep him on the self?
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