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Feb 25th
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boxing_imageYoan Pablo Hernandez vs. Steve Cunningham 2
The first fight highlighted all weaknesses, but that is what a Cunningham fight is.  He rarely dominanted, and never gets dominated.  Every fight is an adventure, and I do not believe this to be any different.  Although both men have the same promoter, Hernandez is where the money has been spent, and where the interests lie.  The winner of this fight still ahs to get past Troy Ross (no easy task), but uinification with Marco Huck, and the Ring championship should be what happens by years end.  Hernandez will box more carefully this time, and not even press the advantage should he hurt Cunningham.  This may be end of the line for the underappreciated Philly champ.  Hernandez by split decision.

Andre Berto vs. Victor Ortiz 2
Ortiz won before, so there is no reason to believe he cannot win again.  There are, however, plenty of reasons to believe he WILL not win again.  Berto was hit behin gthe ear early on, and that looked to affect him the entire fight.  Without that equilibrium-alterer, the bout may have been quite different.  He also looked absolutely tenacious against Jan Zaveck, and he is quite hungry again. Ortiz is likely viewing this bout as a consoltation bout for his disapoiting performance against Mayweather, and is probably unmotivated.  He doesn’t have much to win, and not even much more to lose.  His pride may carry him uinto the late rounds, and he will hurt Berto again, but tenacity will make the difference.  Berto picks up a late round TKO, probably from cuts or swelling.

Marcos Maidana vs. Devon Alexander
Alexander is coming off of a close win, and an embarrassing loss.  He ahs the pressure to deliver in St. Louis , the most unforgiving hometown in recent memory (Alexander has had two close shaves there, and Spinks has lost all 3 titles at home).  Maidana is the same fighter as Matthysse, but with a bit more size, and less chin.  I believe we are looking at a repeat of that fight, in which Alexander’s skills build him a lead, and then Maidana surges to make it close… but not close enough.  Alexander by split decision.

Vitali Klitschko vs. Dereck Chisora
I like that Chisora is getting the title shot.  Its end a message to those who robbed him.  I think the Klitschkos are good for boxing in that they do it all themselves.  Not beholden to any network or promotional outlet.  They can reward Chisora for wis “win” against Helenius.  However, the reason Klitschko is taking this fight si that Chisora doesn’t stand a chance against him.  The Brit mistakenly thinks because he put up a good fight in close ones against big stiffs like Helenius and Fury that he can get in there with Vitali and do the same.  I believe it won’t take him 5 minutes before he realizes the futility of his mission.  He may last, as Klitscvhko is boxing more carefully, but another Kevin Johnson effort is what we are looking at.  Klitschko by wide unanimous decision.   FEBRUARY BOXING PREDICTIONS PART 1

Chris Strait

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