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Feb 24th
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boxing_imageNobuhiro Ishida vs. Paul Williams
Ishida hasn’t really shown us much since his suirprise KO win over James Kirkland.  Willims hasn’t shown us anything impressive sicne his surprise KO loss to Sergio Martinez.  Both may be entirely different fighters than was the case 15 months ago, but I believe we have no choice but to look into their recent pasts.  Williams is the guy who owns a legit (albeit close) win voer the middleweight champion of the world.  Ishida lost a close decision to the younger less talented brother of Canelo Alvarez.  It should be interesting while it lasts, but I believe this is the fight where a return to normalcy can eb expected.  Williams by late round KO.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Marcio Antonio Rubio
Rubio is a live underdog, as he proved against David Lemieux, but Chavez simply has too many assets to lose this fight.  Some of those are extrernal… Freddie Roach, the Chavez name, Top Rank judges and referees, etc.  Rubio has to know that if goes the limit, eh will noyt get the decision.  Also, if he gets even slightly staggered, the bout will be waved off.  It is taking place in texas, where the father and son team of Dickie and Laurence Cole run thigns, and are about as corrupt and untrustworthy as they come.  Rubio’s only plan for success is a one-punch knockout, and Chavez has too good a chin to depend on that.  This will be a good test of how well cahvez can outbox a man with a similar height and reach, and he has passed all other tests.  No reason to think he cannot this time.  Chavez by decision.

Yordanis Despaigne vs. Edison Miranda
Miranda is closing in on an Allan Green or Antonio Margarito award for most marquee fights taking place after proven weakness.  What would make us think his chin would hold up at a higher weight, after being so vulnerable at 160 and 168lbs.  Despiagne, however, has not been a puncher at the higher levels.  Even if his loss to Sillakh is forgivable (as Sillakh has quite a lot of buzz now), this fight is there to regain confidence against a one-time name.  Miranda has a punchers chance, but I doubt he will land much.  Despaigne by late round TKO.

Nonito Donaire vs. Wilfredo Vasquez Jr.
I assume the thinking here is that with Donaire moving up and Arce moving down, that fight canot be made.  Semms silly to me, as that is far more interesting than this.  With Vasquez Jr, we get the feeling that the mad decisions by his handlers just keep on coming.  First, there was the decision to wave the towel, when he had a chance to win the Arce bout.  Now, they are putting him in with a monster.  His career is destined to be a short one, no matter what happens.   As a fan, I am not complaining, as I believe he will put up a decent fight, for a while.  Something Donaire has not seen in a while.  Being hit by Nonito is a different thing, however, and by the middle rounds, that towel will come into play again.  Donaire by mid-round TKO.   FEBRUARY BOXING PREDICTIONSPART 2

Chris Strait
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