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Jan 25th
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Home MMA The El Paso Martial Arts Hall of Fame
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The El Paso Martial Arts Hall of Fame


mma-hall-of-fameThe El Paso Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Present Their 2013 Awards Banquet
Our Twentieth Anniversary
April 27th, 2013 6-9 P.M.
Region XIX – 6611 Boeing Dr.
El Paso, Texas 79925
Special Guests: Ernie Reyes Jr. of Karate, Martial Arts, TV  and Movie Fame
Jesse Valdez, 6-time National Boxing Champion. Olympic Medalist and Creator of Boxercise

Inductees: Matthew Aguilar, Clarence Beckmon,  Alberto Romo, Luis Maldonado, Jerry Martinez, Sam Vasquez, Jose Garibay, Hilary Sandoval, Nico Perez plus legends Jake Martinez, Alex Guerrero, Manny Ortega, and 1st ever Lifetime Achievment Award to Ladislao Vicencio. Performance awards include WBA champion, Austin Trout, Jennifer Han, Abie Han, Louie Burke, Zachary Prieto, Rocky Burke, Ernest Hewitt and many more.

Tickets $18.50 plus sales tax=$20 Each
Reserved Table for Eight =$160.00
Limited Public Sales…..Be An Early Bird
Cash or Checks Made Out to TT Enterprise
Donations. Make Separate Check to: Candlelighters of El Paso
Phone 915 591 6089 / Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Wed, 06 Oct 2021 09:25:27 GMT  - The El Paso Martial Arts Hall of Fame | I am looking for people from the same timeline as me. Our actions not only affect the future, they can effect the past. I have come here from a timeline distorted for a million years. The mandela effect is bringing Chaos to Control. The Owls of Eternity have been at war for longer than they can remember. The mirror of time so broken, we may never be able to put it back togeather. The Machine Stops. We MUST find the clues locked in the fragments of your dreams. Remeber the crossroads, the highway, the tracks, a single light post, the giant window of our prison to the stars. Join Us @

TimeStamp:  - The El Paso Martial Arts Hall of Fame |
Best view i have ever seen !  - The El Paso Martial Arts Hall of Fame |
Best view i have ever seen !
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Best view i have ever seen !
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Best view i have ever seen !

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Coach Tom McKay  - Anonymous |
Mr. Anonymous, if it was Master Watts you are referring to please take note that it is his business and he shared it with us.
Besides, Bullying is quite a problem and how much better is it to find a way to overcome and be a better person physically and mentally than the Bully? Well, Watts accomplished his goal. Nuff said. Have a happy
VCoach Tom McKay  - Mr. Anonymous Post On Wrong Article |
Duh, Mr. Anonymous, Surely you are referring to the Miami Football Team, correct? Take your time to post. This article is the about El Paso Boxing/Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Or, make your point more valid.
Try and have a happy
Mr. Anonymous  - Please read this |
Not meaning to be rude, but I don't think it's our business if he was "bullied". Thumbs up for him, but whoever wrote this blog is letting out a little too much info.
Tom McKay  - Darryl Watts 2013 Inductee of The El Paso Martial |
Karate has always been a desire of Darryl “Backfist Master” Watts since he was a young boy. He wanted to learn all he could about the prestigious discipline to gain the ability to protect his self while progressing and working with great instructors and friends. Watts began his journey in 1966 when he commenced his training with then El Paso Police Chief, Greg Allen. Darryl considers Allen to be the biggest influence in his career, because he encouraged him to start and work hard within the discipline. Bullying was a second influence, as he never wanted anyone to target or hurt him.

Buotokan Taekwon Do Chung Do Kwan of El Paso, Texas – Lynn L. Nichols, Director
 June 23, 1974 1st Dan Black Belt
 February 19, 1977 2nd Dan Black Belt
 August 1980-1984 Personal Instructor
 December 21, 1985 3rd Dan Black Belt
 December 1985 4th Degree Black Promotion
 December 1985-1995 Head Instructor

Darryl fought full contact Karate and won many Grand Championship matches at various Karate Tournaments. His matches predominately occurred locally in the Greater El Paso Area and its surrounding cities, like Las Cruces, New Mexico. During his season of Karate Darryl was given the nickname “Backfist Master” by many of his Karate friends. There were many opponents within his fighting career who came to understand the meaning of that name, up close and personally.

Within his time of leadership, Darryl instructed over 150 diverse students. He also had the op
Tom McKay  - 2013 El Paso Martial Arts Hall of Fame AwardsBanqu |
El Paso Martial Arts
Hall of Fame
Inductee’s and Award Winners for 2013

Featuring Guest Speaker, well renowned Martial Arts and Movie Star and Mogul,
Ernie Reyes Jr.

I. Inductee’s

Hilary Sandoval.

Under the promotional banner of ‘Battlestar Karatica’ El Paso’s greatest manager, director and producer of Kickboxing champions, Hilary Sandoval, established a local championship dynasty. Overall, Hilary managed or promoted some 21 kickboxing champions. Most notable was 7-time World Champion in 5 different weight divisions, Cliff ‘Magic” Thomas. Three time welterweight champion, Ishmael Robles, was also promoted by Hilary and even served often as a coach for Thomas. The late Demetirus ‘The Greek’ Havanas, a karate world champion and feared kickboxer, was also promoted by Hlary He also served as Thomas’ main kicking coach. The ‘Greek’ was killed along with Hilary’s younger brother, pilot D.K. Price and Karen Ruffin in a small plane on the way to New Jersey for Cliff’s monumental fight with “King of the Bloodsport”, Paul Vizzio on NBC. Cliff bombed and bloodied Vizzio in a superb outing that was just magnificent.

Professor Sammy Vasquez

A career martial artist who begin his training at age 7,Vasquez earned a Ph.d. in martial science psychology from UMAHof of Houston, Texas. He is already a 2003 inductee of the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame and in 2005 was inducted into the World Martial Arts Black Belt Hall of Fame. He holds a 9th Degree Black Belt in Martial Arts Science Psychology/Martial Arts Combative Tactical Training with concentration in Ninjutsu-Do. Vasquez holds degrees in Goju, Shinjimasu, and Ninjutsu-Do. Vasquez has also earned a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Webster University.

Carol and Dave Cobb

The first ever family duo inducted by the El Paso Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
David holds a 7th Degree Black Belt in All American Martial Arts and a 6th Degree Black Belt in Moo Do Hoe World Tae Kwon Do. He is also a certified Master Instructor in Moo Do Hoe World Tae Kwon Do.Carol holds a 5th Degree Black Belt in Moo Do Hoe World Tae Kwon do. She is also a certified Master Instructor in Moo Do Hoe World Tae Kwon do.
Clarence Beckmon

A 40 year martial artist, Master Beckmon holds a 10th Degree Dan Black Belt on June 30th, 2011 which also earned him the title of Grand Master. He is a council member of the United Federation of International Grandmasters. He has earned his black belts in Butokan Karate do, and Japanese Goju. In January of 2011 he also was awarded his Doctorate of Martial Arts. He is proud to be one of the founding fathers of The El Paso Karate Alliance in 2002.

Alberto Romo (deceased)

Alberto is the first athlete to be inducted into the Boxing/Wrestling category. As old timers can tell you, he coached boxing and was three time state champion Ladislao Vicencio’s first boxing coach. He was well known for being the first to have a boxing team at the Carolina Center.
In wrestling he was first an Olympic Style wrestler but later made his mark as the ‘Texas Tiger’ of Luche Libra wrestling.

Sensei Ernest C. Hewitt

Ernest is a former combat U.S. Marine and has been a martial artist for 45 years. He owned Sleeping Dragon Judo Club for two decades. He is a master of many martial arts and is a Senior Judo examiner. He is a Rokkudan 6th Degree Black Belt in the art of Aikido and Shubukan Ryu Aikijutsu. Goshin-Do ryu Ju Jitsu and Shubukan Ryu Akido. In 2010 he became certified and acknowledged as a Senior National Judo coach with USA Judo.

2012 Martial Arts Performance Award Winners
MMA cornered the awards last year.

MMA Co-coaches of the year 2012
Hugo Sida of Bushido Academy
Shane Schuman of Bushido Academy

Combined MMA record of their team -27-3

MMA Professional of 2012: Ricardo Juan McCall 4-0
MMA Amateur of the year. Armando Rivas 2-0
MMA Female Fighter of the year. Aida Yvette Gray 2-1
MMA Rising Star of 2012. Eddie Gamboa 3-0

Jawbone  - 2013 El Paso Martial Arts Hall of Fame Selections |
Final Selections For
The El Paso Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2013

Queen Fernanda Garcia with King Anthony Siejas (both 7 years of age)

Selected for Inducion on February 11th. 2013

Grand Master Clarence Beckmon Jr…Earned his 10th Degree Blackbelt……June 30th, 2011
Doctorate of Martial Arts, January 2011
8th Degree Blackbelt Butokan Karate 2008
7th Degree Blackbelt Japanese Goju 1999
Vice President of Southwest Karate League 2005-2006
Tournament Director Shinjimasu International Arts Association Grand Nationals Battle 1995

Professor Sam Vasquez…………………9th Degree Blackbelt in Martial Science Psychology
3rd Degree Blackbelt BushikanTaikido Ninjutsu
3rd Degree Blackbelt Shinjimasu Goju
Inducted into Universal Martial Arts Hall of fame 2003, 2005 and 2008
Inducted into Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2003
Founder: Bushikan Ryu Ninjutsu System in El Paso, Texas
Ph.D in Martial Arts Psychology, UMAHof, Houston, Texas

Shane Schuman…………………………….Blackbelts in Tae Kwon do & Muay Thai & Ninjutsu
60 Amateur Muay Thai Fights
13 Professional Muay Thai Fights
4 MMA fights
Co-Head Instructor at Bushido (27-2 Record MMA 2012)
United States Army Special forces Sniper

Hilary Sandoval……………………………Blackbelt in Kempo Karate
Founder of America’s Best Karate
Creator with brother Tony of ‘Battlestar Karitica’
Manager/Trainer of 7 time World Kickboxing Champion, Cliff ‘Magic’ Thomas
Managed and promoted some 21 World or No 1 Kickboxing Champions
Hilary and Tony were the youngest managers of kickboxing champions in the world
Brought Superstar Ernie Reyes Jr. to El Paso dozens of times
Had TV Stars like Cheech and Chong as special guests at World Championship Bouts

Darryl Watts……………………………….Lifetime Achievement Award(more info later).

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