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Nov 25th
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Home MMA Nick Diaz: The Pioneer Blazer of a Movement
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Nick Diaz: The Pioneer Blazer of a Movement


nick-diaz-nevada-athletic-commission-suspensionFunny little political circus they are stimulating in the combat sports arena these days. Using the fighter Nick Diaz as the poster boy for guilt and humiliation for using marijuana. It's too late though – we are now in a process of forward evolution in a changing conscious movement for the benefits and medicinal purposes of marijuana. Let's just face it, most all of us have been exposed or experimented with it. Some of us can't do without it. I know teachers, doctors and military very personally who smoke for the benefits that marijuana gives them. I know some that do even harder drugs and they are still very functional citizens and still damn good at what they do in their profession. This is a new era we live in and people now have a better understanding at what the marijuana benefits are.

Does the Nevada athletic commission seem to somehow believe that marijuana builds muscle and promotes athletic performance? How do you take away someone's livelihood for smoking a naturally growing plant that has so many great and beneficial healing properties for the human body? In this backwards society it's somehow more accepted for him to binge drink at a bar and destroy his liver than to take a puff of a plant that relaxes you and maybe gives you the urge to have the munchies. That's not legal, yet alcohol kills more people than cocaine and marijuana combined. Or is it because the doctors, or what I like to call the "drug pushers for the government," in Nevada don't have a proper monopoly on it yet and there is no actual way to tax it?

The next question is: Does Dana White have a personal vendetta against Nick Diaz? Does the commission get their little cut under the table from this egotistical Nazi promoter? This is strictly political and could even be a personal attack on this man's character. Ask yourself how this man that has put his ass on the line for your entertainment deserves to get 5 years. All this when other MMA fighters get a slap on the wrist for the use of cocaine and steroids. Have you ever once had the experience or even attempted a career of entering the ring or octagon to fight for your life? Could you imagine the courage and discipline of a full-time career at this gladiator sport? You wouldn't be able to take the discipline, dedication or mental toughness to last one week with these warriors of men.

Well, let me tell you this... You endure training 3 times a day for months at a time until the climax of fighting. You end up breaking down your body so much physically and emotionally. The anxiety and stress that builds in your mind with the emotions are relentless. You're a modern day gladiator with no real way of coming down from the adrenaline and stress your body creates and mind endures. Massages, yoga and meditation can only go so far. Especially when you can't move out of bed to get to the fridge. I know fighters that actually resorted to smoking crack for Gods sake because marijuana wasn't strong enough for the physical and emotional pain. Somehow these men were still able to PERFORM which was beyond me. Their secret will always die with me. This is a tragic ending for a man that just so happens to smoke a plant that is becoming widely popular and accepted in the mainstream and with some states even legalizing it for recreational use. You actually give this man a 5-year ban from his way of livelihood?

This is insanity on so many different disturbing levels and it's all the direct politics of this dictator they call Dana White. The man that claimed he wasn't like the other old school boxing promoters is proving himself to be far worse. You mean he couldn't take the time to show up and defend Nick who has made this man millions of dollars while in reality Nick probably got a generous 5% of those earnings? These guys are treated like 3rd rate athletes in the UFC. It's an utter disgrace. Now the athletes are being criminalized for smoking marijuana that is shown to have actual health benefits? Harder drugs such as alcohol, steroids and cocaine are a lesser penalty? Who were these people on the board that gave this horrendous unforgiving sentence? A bunch of sheep herding Amish pilgrims that just entered the 21st century? Something stinks in this unfair hearing and everyone knows it's wrong. It's an old dying idea against a powerful youth of growing consciousness.

The movement is growing in legalizing a very helpful medicinal drug nationwide. We live in a society where you are bombarded daily on television with ads for legalized prescription drugs. Do you realize that half of the commercials airtime are warnings about the side effects that could harm, impair or even cause you to commit suicide? That's okay in this society because we are so far removed and disconnected to what is real anymore. The problems are with these politicians that are greedy psychopaths and are passing these absurd laws tomake money for themselves hand over fist from pharmaceutical lobbyists. What Nick did was simply smoke a naturally growing herbal plant for his stress and anxiety. It's not even a performance drug. It's a drug that relieves the mental pressures of fighting and dulls the pain of everyday training. Would you rather him get a prescription for painkillers or drown himself in alcohol? I guess as long as a doctor prescribes it and it can be taxed then it gets the thumbs up.

I'm losing respect for boxing and MMA altogether. The laws and guidelines by the men and women creating these ridiculous standards are becoming a full blown insanity. They have no idea what it's like to put their body in dangers way in the ring or octagon. Having no understanding or clue of the heart and mental strength it takes on a daily basis. This is atravesty, but it's not a travesty against Nick. It's a travesty against the corrupt system that we as a growing conscious community can see more clearly by the day. It's a corrupt system run by money and politics. We as a people are waking up and we can't be controlled anymore by dinosaur thinking.

Nick should fight again in the UFC and if not, then his name is big enough to be big in any other arena outside this country and the UFC. America has now become the land of the fascist corporate dictators that get paid off and pay off everyone below them. It is fast becoming a distant memory of the past with our evolving patriotic consciousness. The days are now numbered for this intolerable treatment by these scumbags. It's an old idea on its way to the grave. I believe Nick Diaz will return to another fighting arena and be looked at as an unapologetic pioneer blazer (no pun intended). I also advise other MMA fighters to do the same before they start making you wear corporate uniforms and take away your sponsorships. Oh wait... Too late. We are now starting to see the UFC as a slavery corporation no different than any other. Soon Dana White will be paying the fighters minimum wage if he can get away with it.

Contributed by: David "Nino" Rodriguez
Heavyweight Boxer

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