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Dec 06th
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adrien-broner-boxerI have seen Adrien Broner fight only a few times.  However, one need only watch the first few seconds of his most recent match-up, to know whom he is trying to emulate.  the stance, the speed, the combos, the lead right hands, and of course, the trash-talking.  He is clearly trying to be Wayne McCullough.  No, just kidding.  He is oibviously in the mold of Floyd Mayweather.

In fact, Floyd's greatest deficit (legal hurdles not withstanding) is his lack of one punch knockout power.  Broner seems to have that.  While he may not be challenged by many at 130lbs (at least in the U.S.), let us not forget that Floyd himself started at this weight.  Age will bring a natural progression in weight.  His height advantage at 130lbs suggests he can take on several more weight classes before he ends up undersized.  Both men also come from the boxing star-dry midwest, where local audiences do not always follow fighters, especially when it's football season.  In analyzing this comparison, however, I am also keenly aware of the differences.

Mayweather's daddy issues were apparent before his talent was, as the relationship between father and son has always been tenuous there.  Broner's father is rarely seen doing anything except brushing his son's hair in publicity stunt fashion.  Broner may be a puncher now, but Mayweather was early on, too.  If the kayos stop/slow down as he moves up in weight, he'll be glad to have developed his defensinve skills in the interim.

Broner also had his "Jose Luis Castillo" close call early on in his career.  Ponce DeLeon may have deserved the decision that went against him when he fought Broner (I had it a draw), but it taught Broner not to take anything for granted, and to maintain his focus throughout the fight.  Behavior before and after is one thing.  You must be that machine of focus during the actual fight.  Broner seems to have already learned that.  He also has the hunger of a knockout fighter.  This does mean that he leaves more spots of vulnerability than Mayweather, but it is good news for fight fans, and Broner's ticket sales.

The questions of course remain.  His last 3 opponents may have had early exits, but they came into the Broner matches with suspect chins.  It remains to be seen how he can cope with someone who either has an iron chin and keeps coming, or can match his speed.  The winner of Gamboa-Rios will provide one of those things.  Speed if Gamboa wins, and durability if Rios does.  Interesting how Gamboa leapt over 130 to challenge Rios.  Either way, he is destined ot face off with one of these fighters, or the Salido-Juanma winner.  Oh, wait!  The winner of that fight will provide either a speed or durability test, as well.  Juanma is fast, and Salido is durable... and all 4 men can punch.

Broner's chin has not really been tested, either.  DeLeon is a puncher, but at 122 and 126.  He nearly pulled off the upset, and still chose to drop back down.  That probably is a result of feeling less powerful at 130lbs.  I, for one, am not ready to annoint Broner as the next big thing, because the quality of opposition is not there yet.  Mayweather got to dispose of a top-tier champion like Genaro Hernandez, and unify with another star in the making like Corrales.  Broner has not gotten there yet, but as I have just pointed out, those men are nearby.  I am going to enjoy watching it all unfold.  Broner has already reminded boxing fans that European and Latino fighters have not fully taken over just yet.

Chris Strait

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