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Apr 25th
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mayweather_arrestedIn the wake of Manny Pacquiao’s close shave with Juan Manuel Marquez, everyone is talking about Floyd Mayweather’s next move, as opposed to Manny’s.  It must be nice to see your pound-for-pound supremacy returned, while sitting on your couch.  While some of the luster is taken off of Pacquiao vs. Mayweather, most of the fixed eyes on Floyd, are the result of another question being answered.  Pacquiao’s next fight should undoubtedly be a 4th with Marquez.  Even if Manny beats Mayweather, there would still be the lingering Marquez question.  Mayweather, however, has a host of options.  Some lucrati, some challenging, some both, some neither.  Let’s take a wild guess which one he will choose.  First, let’s explore a few options:

Robert Guerrero – We’re not sure who is entering and pushing his name into the sweepstakes, but it seems that his inclusion is dependant on that magical May 5 date.  We’re pretty sure Pacquiao will fight then, if the opponent in Mexican (Cinco de Mayo and a sheep-like Latino base is what’s being exploited here).  The angle most likely played will be all that Guerrero has overcome: small town, wife cancer, injuries, no-contests, avenged defeats, etc.  He’s a bilingual Chicano, and an easy sell to the public, who would like to see how big a star they can make out of someone with no chance to win.  They just did that with Ortiz.  Time to move on.  Chances: Average

Saul Canelo Alvarez – Another way to play the Mexican angle, and for far more money.  Floyd would be painted as the “Mexican Assassin”, much like his uncle Roger was 25 years earlier, and Alvarez would become a Chavez-like hero if he was able to topple him.  The only problem with this is that Golden Boy has put a lot of time/money into Alvarez.  Ortiz had already established himself as exciting yet vulnerable, so he could lose and retain marketability.  Alvarez is only gaining respect now, and it will disappear if he is embarrassingly outboxed by the smaller man, which is what will happen.  They can make a killing off of Alvarez without Mayweather.  Chances: Not likely

Sergio Martinez – The ultimate test of superiority.  If Mayweather can leap two divisions to take out the legit champion at Middleweight, he will have completely eclipsed Pacquiao without fighting him.  It may mark the first time in many years that Mayweather would be only a slight favorite.  The problems are numerous.  It’s a big risk that he may lose.  Martinez is promoted by Lou DiBella, so he offers a shared pot without the shared effort.  Also, the fight may not be exciting.  If both men elect to counterpunch, it could be like watching two aikido masters stare at each other.  Chances: Forget about it.

Miguel Cotto – A test of the waters for Top Rank-Mayweather relations, and a chance for Mayweather to shine brighter than did Manny against a similar opponent.  There are problems here, too.  Cotto could win a few rounds, and/or catch Floyd with a Shane Mosley like right hand, and provide excitement.  If he does anything but get swept, it will make Floyd look bad.  Also, he, like Martinez and Alvarez, is naturally bigger than Floyd… something Mayweather has not liked to engage in, recently.  Also, Pacquiao stopped Cotto with power, as Mayweather will do so with speed.  It won’t be a good enough comparison for Money May to share the pot with Arum.  Chances: Not likely

Nope, none of them look great, except Pacquiao, whose dance card is full until the fall.  Most likely scenarios are that Mayweather will undergo another layoff, or dig up someone even more hopeless, like Morales… playing the angle that he will beat a Mexican hero, comeback story, last guy to beat Pacquiao, blah blah blah.  Fans don’t want it, not even Mexicans.  But it’s an all-Golden Boy pot, a big money gain for an old warrior, and an easy win for Mayweather.  The fans will be screwed again, regardless.

Chris Strait

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