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Jun 05th
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Say it Ain’t So!

floyd_mayweatherIt’s Christmas day, the pig is spinning, the rice and beans are ready to go, and my daughter won’t stop running around the house with her newest gadget from Santa. A day when you celebrate the finer things in life and relax with family, if that is the case why can’t I get over Floyd Mayweather, 40-0 (25), and Manny Pacquiao, 50-3-2 (38), possibly not taking place. It was a very short time ago when the date and a final venue was set... sorry Jerry Jones it wasn’t Dallas. A March 13th showdown at the very formidable MGM Grand in Las Vegas is where the biggest fight purse in history was to take place. Experts predicted that each fighter could walk away with 30-40 million dollars. Then it happened, I put on the jinx.

About a week ago, a very good friend and fellow columnist, Bob Carroll asked if I would participate in an article he was writing. A simple question was asked and a simple reply was given. The question was what I wished for the holiday season pertaining to the boxing community. The reply in short was no injuries or excuses for the mega fight of Money Mayweather and Paranoid Pacquiao.That’s it, a mega jinx for a mega fight. I cursed the boxing world with a reply that I should have never said and only kept between me and God. I spewed out my heart and once again the boxing world has ripped it from my body, sparing no pain.

Pacquiao who is no doubt, as of right now, the fighter of the decade moving on from weight class to weight class to take on all comers and winning virtually every belt in boxing. So now the reopening of an old wound, the allegation of Pacquiao on Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED's) are coming from the Mayweather camp. These are charges Pacquiao and his long time trainer Freddie Roach have vehemently denied throughout his career and recent success. Many analysts believed this was just another loud mouth Mayweather camp trying to distract their opponent.  Then reality set in, Mayweather insisted that USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) conduct the drug testing instead of the Nevada State Athletic Commission.
Just as if they were fighting, it was the type of back and forth responses that kept the fans of the boxing world glued to the internet and television to see how one another would respond.  Pacquiao’s camp responded and defended the drug testing methods of the Nevada Commission and did not want the blood draws leading all the way up to the fight. Then came Mayweather who wanted the testing because, according to the USADA, the drawing of blood can find PED’s that urine cannot. The testing would be random, day and night, and leading up to the fight.

Pacquiao and his camp wanted a deadline when the blood draws would stop, worrying that the drawing of blood up to the fight could lead to fatigue and distractions. They asked for a deadline if the USADA got involved. The USADA said that they would not limit themselves if they were involved in the testing. Fed up with the Mayweather camp, Pacquiao is now suing Mayweather for defamation. Pacquiao stated “Face me in a fight where I get to punch back. To Floyd, despite all these accusations, may your Christmas be merry, and I will see you in court soon, too."

In another twist, Larry Merchant of HBO had suggested the idea of long time boxing fan, Senator John McCain to step in and negotiate between the two sides. Though John McCain is more than qualified to solve this issue and get these two boxing greats into the ring, there are more ideas out there to help make this fight. Hopefully there will bw an answer that will make the Pacquiao-Mayweather match and prevent a Pacquiao and Malignaggi fight that has been suggested if the "real" fight does not come to terms.

A final holiday wish to both camps, first Pacquiao, you have proven to beat the best of the best in every division you stepped in, except for Mayweather. Don’t file a lawsuit for defamation where it is bad enough you put your career in the hands of the current boxing judges, never mind a United States Court. The purse you have a chance to receive does not compare to the chance you have to put a pounding on a fighter you obviously have little love for. To the Mayweather camp, whether you believe that your opponent is on PED’s or you’re using it for a distraction technique, allow a deadline when blood can be drawn leading up to the fight. This will also give you the chance to put a pounding on a fighter you obviously have little love for.

This fight is worth more than the 30-40 million dollar purse, it is a chance to rewrite the history books and forever cement your legacy.  It is owed to the fans that are faithful to the sport. In addition it will solve every boxing fans argument from sports radio to the local gym, from the local pub to the barbershop, and it doesn’t stop there. It will finally solve the heated arguments between the columnists here at Convicted Artist Magazine.

From the Southernmost Corner of the United States… Jon Crane


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