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Feb 25th
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canelo-alvarez-vs-amir-khanSomething tells me Amir Khan will be more competitive than people think against Canelo Alvarez.  Granted it is a bad way to delay the GGG fight, but Khan is the only fighter within 2 divisions on either side, that comes with his own big draw.  He is also likely to lose his next big fight, so they have to cash in now.  In the higher weights, Khan is a distance fighter, who seems to have his legs under him.  Also, Alvarez is not a brutal puncher, and if Khan can get over his strength, than Canelo may find himself at the end of a speed deficit.  Alvarez has been faster than everyone he fought except Floyd, and we all know how that ended.  Still, Khan's defensive holes, while smaller, are still there... and one has to think that if Khan outboxes Canelo all the way, he'll still likely get caught with something big every round, and lose most of the rounds on power.  But don't be surprised if it is a competitive decision win for Alvarez, and not the early KO people are predicting.

Tyson Fury is talking retirement.  I don't buy it.  He is borderline manic, and cannot keep too many thoughts inside his own head.  That means the boxing public takes a bit of the internal roller coaster with him.  Ironically, this is what he has in common with David Haye, who I'm fairly sure he'll never end up fighting.  Keeping both their minds and bodies healthy long enough sounds like an unbearable chore.  I have no doubt Fury will retire and unretire a few times, a la Sugar Ray Leonard, but I don't think we are there yet.  It is most likely a ploy to force Klitschko to hurry up and agree to terms, so that his rematch clause does not hold up heavyweight boxing.  Fury is right when he says he cannot technically accomplish more than he did last November, in a single event... however, he can beat Wilder or Povetkin.  He can cash out against Haye, Joshua, etc.  He can beat them all and end up in the hall of fame.  Plus, a man like him without a career goal to focus his mind, is a danger to himself and others.

I know I have often written about fighters who I wish would retire, but there are some fighters I wish would have stayed a bit longer.  Marvin Hagler... he was done, but I would have liked to see the Leonard rematch.  Joe Calzaghe.  I think it would have been nice to see him in against Dawson or Tarver, and finishing at 50-0, or even move up to challenge stablemate Maccarinelli before he lost his belt and respect.  Maybe all Brit fights with Haye or Froch could have been fun, too.  I would also have liked to see Lennox Lewis against Vitali Klitschko in a rematch.  Carlos Monzon hanging around Middleweight long enough to give Hagler a shot would have been amazing as well.  Kelly Pavlik seemed to have a few fights left in him.  Naseem Hamed walked away a bit too soon.  It would have been nice to see him win a belt at 130, or show he could overcome an intelligent boxer.  I am not saying these men did not make wise decisions when they retired, but as a fan, they did leave me wanting more.

Chris Strait

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