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Apr 25th
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floyd mayweatherIt looks like both Yahoo Sports and ESPN have picked Floyd Mayweather as their fighter of the year.  Apparently, I have different criteria than they are working with.  This seems a bizarre choice.  A choice rather, that people who do not choose to cover the nooks and crannies of boxing would come up with.  Its easy to simply name the best fighter on the planet fighter of the year.  However, such an analysis is obviously void of any true analysis.  Let's look at a few problems with this:
He fought twice
Yes, the twice a year schedule is something we have gotten used to, however, Floyd typically only fights once... his fights amounting to a super bowl-like atmosphere that has not been seen in boxing since the 1930s, when the heavyweight title seemed to only be up for grabs once a year, around July.  It may be easy to anoint Floyd because he actually chose to fight twice a year, but several top fighters fought 3-4 times, three of them went 4-0-4Ko's at the championship level.  This level of activity is not enough to push Floyd ahead.  We need special results, in addition to activity, which he did not provide.  This leads to point number 2.
He did exactly what was expected
Let us not forget that Canelo and Guerrero were built up in our own minds.  They were and still are good fighters, but were never a match style-wise for Floyd.  I do not blame Golden Boy and TMT for building them up.  The combination of a style that would bother Mayweather, and a fighter who has earned his way there is hard to find.  Add that to the cold war existing between promoters, and it becomes a near-impossibility.  However, he was expected to win a 9-3 decision in both cases, and that's exactly what he did, controlling even the rounds he lost.
Too many other fighters had better years
I consider 'fighter of the year' to be something that should also denote a fighter's starting place and finishing place to be drastically different places.  Bradley started the year a pariah, and ended it 2-0 with hall of fame like victories in which he bested tough opponents in completely different ways.  Mikey Garcia started as a contender and ended it a 2 division title belt holder, losing only one round in the process.
Lets look at the aforementioned 4-0 threesome.  Golovkin created a ton of excitement, if not advanced his position ranking wise, but that's only because one of his best victories had taken place in 2012, and he's been scaring opponents away ever since.  Kovalev, and Stevenson are light years away from where they started, and both are 4-0-4Ko's in 2013.  One bested 3 top ten fighters.  The other won the lineal title at 175lbs.
Floyd Mayweather is great for boxing, is a huge talent, and will continue to make his mark as a business man long after his fighting career is over.. but he was not fighter of the year, and to suggest such is a slap in the face of all the fighters that made 2013 such a great year for boxing.

Chris Strait

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