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Feb 24th
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boxing glovesJessica has been offered her own reality show... I guess it doesn't matter how you get famous, as long as you get famous, but it makes me wonder what it would take for one of the men she's had sex with... you know, the ones who've actually accomplished something, to get their own show.  Floyd has to be the best fighter in the world to get one, and it comes and goes with his fights.  Yes, this is fair.
Speaking of fair, the Broner-Malignaggi decision was fair, but like most fair decisions recently, it was still arrived at by way of two bizarre scores.  Broner did not win that wide, and Malignaggi did not win at all, unless you only appreciate one style of boxing.  And if you only appreciate one style of boxing, be a fan.  You have no business judging the sport.
Speaking of having no business, is it me, or is Don King fully enjoying his marginalization?  He may be in denial, but he has purposely not done what it would take to stay vital.  He has never changed his business model to share more of the pie, to hire out his fighters, to gain exclusivity with networks.  Consequently, networks and fighters look at the lack of activity and leave him in droves.  I'm half expecting him to have a retirement round robin tourney between Cloud, Jones, and Francesco Pianeta in Florida, that we all get to see on ESPN.  Would be great action, and he could exclusively promote, and we get to say goodbye in style.
Speaking of saying goodbye in style, I hope Sergio Martinez does so soon.  The way he looked against Murray is usually the beginning of the end.  He deserves to go out on top, not beaten by one of the lesser fighters at Middleweight.  I would not pick him to beat Quillin, Golovkin, or Geale now.  I would have picked him to beat all of them 2 years ago.
Speaking of the 160lb picture, Matthew Macklin and Darren Barker are decent fighters, but allowing guys like them and Sturm back into the picture repeatedly delays resolution at Middleweight.  Geale is the most accomplished contender, Golovkin is the most hyped.  Martinez is the champ, and Quillin is the up and coming prospect.  All three of these men are unbeaten at 160.  A simple 4 man tournament is in order for 2014... unless Martinez retires, which I hope for.  In that case, one of those other fighters can slide back in.

Chris Strait

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