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Feb 21st
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Home MMA UFC 108 Results
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UFC 108 Results

ufc_108Las Vegas, NV—Rashad Evans highlighted yet more proof to the greatness of the team Jackson camp in coming up with decisive game plans that frustrate and befuddle opponents. The UFC 108 main event between the two previously unbeatens could of easily ended in the first round, Evans though was smart enough to stick with the plan and got the decision win. Evans from the get go was aggressive and pressed the action forward, working double jabs and immediately pushing Thiago Silva into the cage. Silva was thrown off, and hesitant in the first two round in exchanging with Evans. The constant fear of being taken down allowed Evans to land jabs in both rounds and continue to set up his takedowns which he almost got at will. When the former champion was not setting up his takedowns he was scoring from the clinch position, never allowing Silva to circle off the cage. Silva, frustrated with a now more idle Evans openly taunted his opponent in the final round. Inviting him to strike and at one point sticking his head at the fatigued Evans. Silva would soon push forward and land a big right hand that buckled the knees of his opponent. Evans moved to avoid being hit as a chasing Silva attempted to end the fight. The damage had taken its toll on both fighters as the earlier work by Evans negated Silva’s attempts to end the fight as he gassed out. Evans grabbed a hold for dear life and stalled out Silva to finish round three and get the unanimous decision victory.

After the bout Evans called out Rampage, saying “I hear that there’s an actor that came back to the fighting game, the UFC, and Rampage, I know you’re watching,” Evans said. “Come back, and let’s get it on.”  It was reported soon after that a potential bout between the two TUF 10 coaches can potentially take place sometime in May in Montreal, Cananda at UFC 113.

Daley makes a big statement with a KO win

Englishman Paul “Semtex” Daley cashed a check his mouth wrote as he knocked out grappling ace and tough veteran Dustin Hazelnutt a 2:21 of the first round. Hazelnutt started the round with a single let takedown attempt. Daley swiftly moved out of the way and Hazelnutt did a monkey roll that got laughs and cheers from the Las Vegas crowd. Both fighters were weary to trade, but Hazelnutt took the first steps as he landed probing front leg kicks. In something that you can compare to a scene out of a Rocky movie, the two fighters threw hooks at each other but missed their marks. Arms collided and tangled as both fighters followed up with hooks from their opposite hands. Each fighters blows landed, Daley’s just had a tad bit more spunk as it knocked Hazelnutt to the ground. Daley pounced like a tiger on the Serengeti and followed up with a huge right on the downed Hazelnutt that made caused him to go bug-eyed. Daley now has two knockouts in his two bouts in the UFC and improves to a record of 23-8-2.

Stout and Lauzon steal the show with a thrilling three round bout

Sam Stout pulled the upset according to the Vegas bookmakers that had him as the underdog against Joe Lauzon. In a match that pitied striker versus ground ace, Stout took home the decision victory using better counter striking and superior condition to out last the spent Lauzon. Lauzon showed good form in the first round scoring with a takedown and almost working in a Kimura attempt. Stout was able to escape but came out with a cut on his eye, the result of a Lauzon elbow from that earlier takedown. Stout would takeover by the end of the first and would not let up until the fight was said and done.

Stout would work through takedown attempts in round two and pelter his opponent with beautiful head/body combinations that Lauzon had no answer to. The judges gave the bout to Stout with scores of 30-26.30-27,30-27. Stout was gracious in his post fight interview citing that he had “a lot of fun,” in fighting his opponent.

Miller gets the submission win while Dos Santos continues climb up the heavyweight division

Jim Miller made quick work of Strikeforce and Sengoku veteran Duane Ludwig with a slick armbar submission on the Denver based fighter. Ludwig made his second go at UFC glory but came up short, though showed promise as before being submitted exhibited great standup that is on par with the best in the lightweight division. Miller scored the money shot that would set up his submission win mid-way thru the first, a right-left hook to the head and body that knocked Ludwig down. Miller went on to mount his opponent and transitioned to squeeze out the submission at 2:31 on the first. Miller was scheduled to fight both Tyson Griffin and Sean Sherk in what amounted to calling this card “injury ridden.”

Junior Dos Santos put away Pride and Affliction veteran Gilbert Yvel in what kicked off the PPV telecast. The Dutch striker put on an entertaining showing, but was far from his K1 striking form. Santos took full advantage of got the better of flurries thrown by both fighters and eventually landed a body shot that set up a powerful hook that knocked Yvel down. Yvel seemed ok and was defending well as Dos Santos positioned himself to land a barrage of shots on the downed dutch fighter. Dos Santos soon moved to the back of Yvel and continued landing punches that prompted Herb Dean to stop the fight at 2:07 of the first round. Though Yvel seemed ok, he could not improve his position and was clearly disappointed with the lost. The Dos Santos star continues to rise as momentum continues to build with high profile wins over Mirko Cro-Cop, Fabricio Werdum and now Yvel. Dos Santos improves to 10-1 with 7 of those fights coming by way of knockout.

In the undercard:

Martin Kampmann def. Jacob Volkmann via guillotine choke in R1 (4:03)
Cole Miller def. Dan Lauzon via kimura in R1 (3:05)
Mark Munoz def. Ryan Jensen via submission by way of strikes in R1 (2:30)
Jake Ellenberger def. Mike Pyle via TKO in R2 (0:22)
Rafaello Oliveira def. John Gunderson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)     

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