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Jun 30th
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Home Boxing El Paso Boxing & Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2012 Inductees
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El Paso Boxing & Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2012 Inductees


el-paso-boxing-hall-of-fameNo other sport in modern times captures the public’s imagination and brings together so many people from different walks of life like boxing and martial arts. El Paso Boxing & Martial Arts Hall of Fame is a memorable experience that brings back the excitement of fight-night. The Hall’s mission is to honor and preserve El Paso’s boxing and martial art’s rich heritage, chronicle the achievements of those who have excelled while providing an educational experience. Founded in 1993 by boxing coach and Convicted Artist boxing writer Thomas W. McKay, the El Paso Boxing & Martial Arts Hall of Fame has been credited for recognizing and rewarding El Paso’s outstanding fighters, trainers, officials, promoters and managers for their sacrifice, career performances as well as their civic pride.

On Saturday May 12, 2012 the El Paso Boxing & Martial Arts Hall of Fame held a press conference at Jaxon’s Restaurant at 1135 Airways Blvd, El Paso, Texas to announce this years 2012 inductees and awardees. Two-time USA Boxing Champion & Three-time Women's National Golden Glove Champion, Jennifer Han will be inducted into both the boxing and martial arts hall of fames. Jennifer Han will also receive the best female professional boxing award for her wins in the ring in 2011. Jorge Munoz, a six-time Texas State Boxing Champion and a two-time National Boxing Champion will be inducted into the boxing hall of fame. Boxing champion and military hero, Francisco ‘Panchito’ Alvarado will be recognized by being inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame for his lifelong achievements. Louie Burke, has been chosen for Boxing Coach of the Year. And Louie’s brother Rocky Burke, who was a standout amateur boxer and former professional boxer will also be inducted. Rocky is an active boxing official and also a referee for Showtime Boxing. Three-time regional Golden Gloves Champion and former WBC champion of Mexico, Rene Herrera will be inducted and El Paso Times veteran sports reporter of over 30 years, Bill Knight will be inducted as well.

The 2011 awards for outstanding performances include WBA World Light Middleweight Champion Austin Trout from Las Cruces, New Mexico. Trout has defended his title twice and is the halls choice for professional boxer of the year. His renowned trainer, Louie Burke, was voted the top boxing coach of the year.  Burke’s legendary training resume and boxing career were rewarded by his recent induction into the California Boxing Hall of Fame in Los Angeles. The boxing amateur of the year award will go to the 2011 El Paso Regional Golden Gloves Champion, Josh Enriquez. A Legend Award will be given to the late Sammy Burke of Las Cruces, New Mexico as will seven-time world kick boxing champion, Cliff ‘Magic’ Thomas.

Taichi Hayashi, who is already a member of the El Paso Martial Arts Hall of Fame, was voted the best martial arts instructor for 2011. Male martial artist of the year goes to Tatsuo Goya, head instructor at El Paso Jiu Jitsu. Fourteen-year old Danamaris Bacquier, took honors as the best amateur female martial artist in 2011 because of victory at the Tae Kwon Do National Championships. Jennifer Han’s father, Master Bae H. Han of the Han Dynasty in Northeast El Paso will also be inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Martial arts instructor, Master Tim Meeks will be inducted and posthumously, Jiu-Jitsu Master James Butler will be inducted as will Benny Benavides into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Since its inception the Hall has always included the Candlelighters & their children with cancer and at times, The Child Crisis Center. Finally, the selection of Consuelo Martinez as “Queen of the 2012 Awards Banquet” was named.  Consuelo is a twelve-year-old sweetheart who battles a rare liver cancer and is part of the Candlelighter Family of El Paso, Texas. A good measure of the Hall’s funds have been contributed to Candlelighters and every year more and more money is donated.

The hall’s board of directors is made up of a hand full of professionals actively involved in boxing and martial arts, which includes, trainers, officials, writers and promoters. Board members include President Thomas W. McKay and board of directors Ladislao Vicencio, Steven Arredondo, Frank Diamos, L.B. McKay, Art Lopez, Miguel Andrade, and Burnette Johnson.

The El Paso Boxing & Martial Arts Hall of Fame Banquet is scheduled on Saturday June 9th from 7:00PM to 11:00PM at the El Paso Multipurpose Center at 9031 Viscount El Paso, Texas. Three world champions and the all-star cast of inductees will be featured. The banquet will include an evening of camaraderie, dinner, slide show, film and photography of the southwest’s finest warriors and citizens. Along with a flag ceremony from the Young Marines and a resounding rendition of our National Anthem by 14-year-old Jennifer Lopez who is stricken by leukemia.

Steven Arredondo

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Lorenzo  - El Paso Boxing Community |
The boxing community here in El Paso is a good representation for all of boxing in the state of Texas.
Anonymous |
This is great!
Marine1964  - El Paso Boxing Hall of Fame |
As a long time resident of El Paso and boxing fan. The boxing hall of fame brings back many great memories of El Paso boxing legends.
El Paso Boxing Pride  - Pride |
Congratulations to the great boxers of El Paso and kudos to Tom McKay. You have the energy to move mountains! Great photos and excellent write up!
the Wizard  - Great coverage & Article |

Steven, You did a fantastic job here. The article is superb and stimulating and the photosserve to enhance the pride and joy of those giving and receiving awards. Many thanks and kudos to you.
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