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Feb 25th
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margarito-vs-cotto-2Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito
The fight that has been buried in a wash of great late-year action, has the potential to be the most action packed.  These are two warriors who gave everything they had when they had a lot.  Now that both are diminished, they may give even more.  Margarito has not likely lost his chin, but his skin will probably never be the same after the Pacquiao fight.  He is making money because Bob Arum’s ego has to show the world that it doesn’t matter if his fighter is a criminal.  Bob is bigger and stronger than the law, and he says so.  Nanananana!  Margarito is Mexican, and that sells.  Add a Puerto Rican to that mix, and the ka-ching is even louder than an annoying British fan’s horn section.  Cotto was a better fighter than Margarito before, and still is.  The question is can a plaster-less Margarito still put enough pressure to collapse Cotto’s will and body?  Both men have taken beatings from Pacquiao since their last meeting, and added better trainers.  The difference is that Margarito’s trainer, Robert Garcia, has already been shown to not be able to adjust the “Tijuana Tornado” mid-fight.  Cotto also has far more tools with which to respond to Emmanuel Steward’s instructions.  Cotto also has had the confidence-building of solid wins since their last meeting, while Margarito has only another beat-down loss to Mosley for his memories.  Mid-way through the fight, Cotto will be sitting on a lead, while Margarito will again be trying to go the distance in order to prove something.  Cotto by decision, in a fight that starts great, but ends ok.

Amir Khan vs. Lamont Peterson
Peterson may have the home-town advantage, but it will be something else that gives him a chance at winning.  With a fighter who gives him distance and room to breathe, he can rattle off good combinations.  Peterson’s only blemishes are aginst Victor Ortiz and Timothy Bradley.  Much like his brother’s loss to Brandon Rios, those losses look less bad as the opponent accomplishes even more.  The main problem I see if that Peterson would have to fight a perfect fight.  He is not a big puncher, and figures to be hit harder by Khan than he was against Bradley.  He also did not exactly stand-up to Ortiz’ power… at least not perfectly.  Khan is finally facing a fighter to whom he may lose a couple rounds… something that has not occurred since Maidana.  However, I don’t think it will take long for Khan to take over, and given the location, I think it will eventually work against Peterson, as he gets more and more desperate to please the local fans.  Khan by late round TKO.

Alexander Povetkin vs. Cedric Boswell
Age, inactivity, a last-second loss in his only other major step up (more than 8 years ago!), etc.  There are many reasons to believe Boswell does not stand a chance.  Povetkin seems disciplined enough not to fall into any traps, but it’s impossible for him not to be looking past Boswell a bit.  Now, I am not about to pick an upset, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for one.  An American Heavyweight who came out of nowhere, to put himself in line for a shot at the Klitschkos?  It sounds like a great story line.  His power makes it a possibility, but I believe Boswell will have to settle for the payday and the technicality of being a “title” challenger.  Povetkin by unanimous decision.

Chris Strait

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