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Nov 25th
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power-up-in-weightManny Pacquiao
He scored brutal knockouts from 108lbs to 147lbs, and seemed to carry it no matter if he was the bigger or smaller man during the fight.  Even at 154lbs, where he fails tos core knockdowns, he still disfigures faces.  While trainers and nutrition can make sure technique and strength are added, they cannot affect power.  Many will have it for as lng as he fights, in whatever division he campaigns.

Thomas Hearns
A KO artist at welterweight.  A KO artist at cruiserweight.  When Thoams Hearns went the distance, it was a tribute to the chin/toughness of his opponents.  His frame never looked anything less than lean and explosive, no matter what division he was competing in.  The two most impressive Ko wins of his carrer may have taken place at 147 and 160, (Cuevas and Duran), but ask natura light heavy Dennis Andries about hearns’ pop at 175.  Andires, who would go on to win that same WBC starp two more times, hit the deck 5 times against “The Hitman”.  His chin seemed to adjust as well, as he was no more vulnerable to knockout losses at 147, than he was at 190.

Oscar de la Hoya
While it may seem as if ‘The Godlen Boy” had less big KO’s in the higher divisions he competed in, it is due to two factors.  Numebr one: He went too big too fast.  Oppiste problem of Duran, his body had not caught up with his junior middle and middleweight leaps.  Also, he rarely had tune-up fights at the higher weigths, and lasted longer against the top fighters of his day.  However, during the rare appearance against someone vulnerable: Kamau, Charpentier, Gatti, and Mayorga, it was clear that Oscar was still the same brutal puncher at the bigger weights.  If his punch didn’t make it up higher, it was against higher-level fighters, not weights.

James Toney
It may seem odd that I mention him, since he was never known as a big puncher.  I am not talking about only punchers, however.  I am speaking of men whose power did not change, as they grew through the divisions.  Toney’s KO abilities remained constant.  Usually a distance fighter, who had a chance3 at an occasional big KO.  Mostly decisions in his title defenses at middleweight, as well as his heavyweight campaign.  However, in both divisions, he scored impressive knockouts.  From Michael Nunn at 160, to Prince Charles Williams at 168lbs, to Jason Robinson at 190, and to Evander Holyfield at heavyweight.  Three of the aforementioned victims were former world champions, as well.  This feat seems all the more impressive when you consider that Toney simply got out of shape through the years, and didn’t gain his weight with body evolution, or on purpose.

Chris Strait

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