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Feb 24th
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boxing_imageSaul “Canelo” Alvarez vs. Matthew Hatton – Perhaps they are getting sued to Alvarez fighting overmatched opponents with famous last names.  This way he will be prepared for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.  While I am not fully sold on Alvarez being the next big star, Hatton is nothing more than a tough fringe contender who can handle himself.  He is not a puncher, and neither was Baldomir.  We wonder if his promoters are hiding something about Alvarez.  Defense being a weakness thus far, Alvarez is being matched with men who will not test his chin, but allow him to improve.  Hatton will show toughness, but little else, until he is stopped… probably from body shots in round 6 or 7.

Miguel Cotto vs. Ricardo Mayorga – Mayorga is not one of my favorite fighters, and has received many shots (including this one) that he did not earn.  Yet, his inactivity is hiding his improvements as much as his weaknesses.  He has showed better boxing skills against Fernando Vargas and Shane Mosley.  Dismiss his punchers chance, as he has never been nearly the puncher we thought he was, at the higher levels anyway.  He is certain to catch Cotto once or twice, and make it interesting… yet talent eventually surfaces in all Mayorga’s fights in which his opponent can punch back.  Cotto by TKO in round 9 or 10.

David Lemeiux vs. Marco Antonio Rubio – I’m a little disappointed that the winner of this fight will get Zbik (and likely a German screwing) rather than Martinez, but this is still the sleeper match of the month.  If Rubio is smarter than Elvin Ayala was, he can provide all the tests that Lemeiux needs to pass.  He needs to have his chin, stamina, and recuperative powers tested if we are to be as excited about him as the Montreal faithful.  Rubio hung tough when overmatched against Pavlik, but he could not use his height and reach against “The Ghost”.  Not a problem here.  Lemeiux will get his chin tested, as Rubio is a bit of a puncher… but it is Lemeiux who will throw better combinations, and land far more often.  Provided he doesn't make tactical errors that allow him to get caught too much, he is certain to intimidate and hurt Rubio with his power.  Speedy hooks and right hands will eventually overwhelm the Mexican.  Lemeiux by 5th round KO.

Vitali Klitschko vs. Odlianer Solis - I know at some point, Vitali is going to drastically show his age.  He is already going the distance more now, but does anyone really need to keep rewriting this script?  Has Solis done anything dazzling as a professional to make us think he stands a chance?  He always looks to be in lousy shape, fights uninspired, and even his promoters are reduced to championing his amateur achievements.  He'll pose a bit until he realizes he's outmatched, and then go into survival mode.  Klitschko will let him, as the old legs are preventing him from being the finisher he used to be.  Klitschko by wide, boring unanimous decision.

Lucien Bute vs. Brian Magee
- Everywhere Irishmen have emigrated hold a potential cheering section, and Canada is no exception.  Therefore Magee may actually have some people in the Bell Centre cheering for him.  That is the only difference between this and any other recent Bute fight.  Magee's southpaw stance just means Bute will be able to finish an opponent with a straight left, and not a body shot or hook, as has been the case lately.  Bute by TKO, probably in round 7 or 8.  The only good news is that the Super Six will be over soon, and Bute will be able to stop this train of no-hopers from littering up his schedule.

Ismail Sillakh vs. Yordanis Despaigne
- Despite being a spelling champion's ultimate test, this fight may be the most competitive match-up of the month, in a division that gets more exciting all the time.  Light Heavyweights are not short on exciting prospects, and for two of them to be facing each other, makes it even more so.  I am even commenting on this instead of Gamboa vs. Solis, because I don't want to pick 3 mismatches in a prediction blog... and March seems to be the month of mismatches.  Only Dzindzruk-Martinez and this match seem to deviate.  Despaigne, a former Cuban amateur star, is taking the fast track, employed by fellow Cuban Rigondeaux, and fellow 175lb-er, Shumenov.  Despaigne's skills have remained as his opposition has gotten tougher, yet the KO power has not... much like Shumenov and Rigondeaux.  Although Rayco Saunders extended Sillakh 10 rounds for the first time in the black Ukranian's career, his KO over Daniel Judah would suggest he is the bigger puncher.  There are many questions here.  How will Sillakh react to a potentially superior boxer?  Can Despaigne take a punch?  Will the likely pro-Despaigne Florida crowd affect the outcome?  Gut instinct tells me that Sillakh will have trouble delivering his power against a live body, and that this move is a bit too much, too fast.  Despaigne will have to stink it out to win, but win he will.  It will be exciting for the first half, but the Cuban will outbox the Ukranian over the 10 rounds.  Despaigne by decision.

Chris Strait

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