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Sep 23rd
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chris_straitA good moniker can really make a difference in this game.  In certain cases, if people love it enough, it will replace your first name.  Just ask James Smith or James Douglas... or "Bonecrusher" and "Buster".  However, many people just have nicknames that are truly awful, or worse in my view, don't fit them at all.  Today, I will examine the latter, as that is less about taste, and more about logic and common sense.
Jermain "Bad Intentions" Taylor
Never have I seen a fighter (that is not a backpedaling counterpuncher) have less of a bad intention behind his punches.  Jermain Taylor is perhaps the worst finisher of any top-shelf talent I have seen in over a decade.  Kelly Pavlik and Carl Froch should have been early round KO victims.  However, against Pavlik he was unable, and against Froch he was unwilling, to capitalize.  Forget about a supposed lack of power... that is not the problem.  Froch stood up to the bombs of Mikkel Kessler, but was dropped and badly hurt by Taylor.  Ditto Pavlik, who hasn't fought many punchers, but has barely been rocked besides his title win over Jermain.  When Taylor had a chin and a size advantage, he may have gotten away with this, but not at 168.  Suggested name change: Jermain "Got Out at the Right Time" Taylor.
Ricardo "El Matador" Mayorga. 
This one is just stupid.  Has there ever been more of a bull-like fighter?  In attitude and fighting style?  He hasn't scored a knockout since 2003, and that one was controversial, but his wins (with the exception of the Fernando Vargas match) have still come from rushing in and flailing.  In fact, he was consistently "Ole'd" matador-style by Cory Spinks all night in their Dec 2003 match.  I know "El Toro" is done to death, but considering his losses to Mosley, Trinidad, and De La Hoya, perhaps a better change would be Ricardo "Tune-up for the Wealthy" Mayorga.
Julio "The Kidd" Diaz 
37-6 while making his ump-teenth comeback?  Not exactly a kid anymore, is he?  He is the youngest of fighting brothers, but to say that makes the nickname appropriate is like saying Celine Dion is a child prodigy singer, simply because she is the youngest in her family.  Some names should be outgrown, and after a long career that has seen him written off only to come back and post impressive wins at least three times, he has outgrown it.  Perhaps Julio 'Nine Lives" Diaz would be more appropriate.
Joshua "Hitter" Clottey 
Not only is it boring, and uncreative, it is almost mocking his biggest weakness... not throwing enough punches.  While physically very strong, he is also not a huge puncher when he does throw.  I noticed this nickname has appeared to go away, so he gets less of my critcism, but that should have been corrected prior to his first big American exposure, years ago.  While former welterweight champ Maurice might sue if Clottey called himself "Blocker", that would be more fitting.
Chris Strait

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