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May 25th
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german-fightersWhile the heavyweight division is certainly heading over to Europe more often than not, this is not something for which I can blame the participants.  Even American cruiserweights are finding a promotional home overseas, in order to avoid inactivity, and miniscule purses.  At least the Klitschkos have made many U.S. appearances before going back to where the money is.  In many divisions, however, the German promised-land of big crowds and big money, for facing limited opposition has been too tempting to resist.  Therefore I'd like to congratulate three fighters who have made the leap to our shores, proving sometimes it is about legacy, and not just the almighty dollar.

Arthur Abraham - Sure, it didn't go well his last time here, but Abraham's appearances on our shores have been his most difficult tasks.  Prior to his rematch with Edison Miranda, the Colombian had come closer than anyone to beating 'King' Arthur, and I believe he actualy had done so.  Abraham was not only fighting in the U.S., but in Miranda's adopted hometown of Miami.  Abraham scored an explosive knockout, and erased any doubt of his superiority.  Since then, his away-game has faltered.  He was dominated and humiliated in his DQ loss to Andre Dirrell, but again... he was facing a formidable task.  In Dirrell, he faced an undefeated former Olympic medalist, in his home country, and state.  This is definitely a guy who could have stayed in the comfort of his own home, and looked unbeatable, but he stepped out of the easy path, and you have to appluad him for that.

Sergei Dzindruk
- He is certainly not wasting any time.  The undefeated junior middleweight belt-holder gave up 18 months of what precious time he has left, to come to the U.S. and fight for smaller money and crowds.  When he finally did come back, he showed complete dominance, and supreme ability, even if over a limited opponent in Daniel Dawson.  Now, he is jumping right in the mix, taking on the best middleweight in the world in Sergio Martinez.  He is a very live underdog, and is showing his self-belief with every move.  This is not something I would have predicted years ago, as he was feasting on limited opposition.  His is a good example to follow.

Zsolt Erdei
- I was very happily surprised by Erdei's abandonment of German protection.  Reason one: He had already defended the lineal and WBO light heavyweight belts successfully many times, and had even moved up to cruiser to win another belt.  Reason two: He had looked very vulnerable in doing so.  Reason three: He is in his late 30's.  Erdei had every reason to call it a career in Ottke-like fashion.  Instead, he has come to America, gotten a great trainer in Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, and looks to be a fight or two from entering a very exciting picture.  Tavoris and Chad, search no more.  Your spoiler opponent may be right under your nose.

Don't hold your breath: These Germany-based fighters, however, are staying put.
Felix Sturm - He has his own promotional company, is fighting Ronald Hearns, and wont even unify with the other WBA champs.  You can't yell "one foot in retirement!" any louder than that.

Karoly Balszay - He would be an underdog against Allan Green.  No way is he beating anyone above that at 168lbs.  If anything, he will wait until the smoke clears at super middle, then call out the winner in order to cash out on a loss.
Sebastian Sylvester - Sauerland is doing a great job getting blood out of a rock, but soon he will lose his meaningless middleweight strap... probably to Daniel Geale.

Chris Strait

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