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Oct 02nd
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chris_straitDevon Alexander vs. Juan Urango.
This fight is being made for the same reason Celestino Caballero vs. Steve Molitor was made.  Two belt holders are being forgotten in a talent rich division.  The unification did nothing for Caballero, except give fighters an excuse to avoid him.  However, it may do more for Alexander.  Namely because there are other good, exciting fighters in the division like Holt, Ortiz, Maidana, and Bradley.  Khan, Pacquiao, and Hatton may avoid the winner, but there are still brawls and dollars to be made.  Not that Alexander will win in the same dominating fashion as Caballero.  Juan Urango is an impressive pressure fighter who has never shied away from the bigger fights.  He also recognizes the belts for what they are... a means to secure the meaningful fights, instead of an excuse to avoid them.  This time around, however, he has walked into his biggest weakness.  Urango has always been vulnerable to a fighter who moves effectively, which Alexander has shown the ability to do.  We watched him miss terribly against Naoufel Ben Rabah for 12 rounds, only to be handed a gift decision.  Alexander is a better puncher than the Australian was, and is likely to gain some respect for his punches, even if Urango does possess a good chin.  Plus, anyone who is outboxed by Ricky Hatton has some serious problems with movement, and his own foot speed.  Alexander by unanimous decision.  Don't get used to that new red belt, though, Devon.  The IBF has been it's most "strip-happy" at 140lbs.
Arthur Abraham vs. Andre Dirrell
I see Dirrell attempting the same fight plan of awkward movement and speed that he attempted against Froch (which some say should have gotten him the decision).  He will be especially encouraged to do so after fellow Andre, Ward, had so much success with this style.  Now that Dirrell is in his own country, it should work this time, right?  Wrong!  Froch is also an awkward pursuer, who has a tendency to leave himself open.  Abraham employs an often air-tight defense, and all the patience in the world.  If King Arthur is looking for Dirrell to wear down on his own, though, he will be disappointed.  Eventually he will have to move his hands against Dirrell and get some resutls.  Abraham seems to know, however, the right time to do this in every fight.  Don't look for too much of a crowd advantage for Dirrell, either.  With the two nearby Armenian meccas of Glendale and Fresno only a few hours away, Abraham will have more than his share of adoring fans.  I see Dirrell showing enough guile to make it to the final bell, but maybe not before making a trip to the canvas or two, and losing a unanimous decision. 
Wladimir Klitschko vs. Eddie Chambers
Believe it or not, I think Chambers deserves this shot more than Alexander Povetkin, even though Chambers lost to the former gold medalist.  Povetkin has done nothing impressive (except for showing the intelligence to hold off on fighting Klitschko) since the victory over Chambers, while "Fast Eddie" has beaten Sam Peter and Alexander Dimitrenko.  He also showed that he can cleanly outbox much bigger fighters.  Am I about to predict that will do the same against Klitschko?  Nah, sorry.  I am not going for the upset in this one.  Klitschko may eventually slip up, but he has hardly ever lost a round in his entire career for any reason other than a knockdown, and I don't see it starting now.  Chambers simply doesn't have the firepower to get Big Wlad's respect.  What can end in a few rounds, however, will probably take all night.  This is due to both the cautiousness of the undisputed heavyweight champion, and the speed of the challenger.  However, the result will be the same.  The younger Klitschko doesn't make them quit as often as his older brother, Vitali.  Instead, he usually knocks them clean out.  Klitschko by 9th round KO.  If Chambers is smart, he'll go down to cruiserweight after this, where he can easily be a champion.
Chris Strait

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