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Feb 28th
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Home Boxing So You Think You Want To Be An Aging Ex-Champ?
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So You Think You Want To Be An Aging Ex-Champ?

evander-holyfield-championLast weekend, former 4 time heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield, 43-10-2 (28),  took on fringe contender Sherman Williams. 34-11-2 (19) in an attempt to defend something called the World Boxing Federation Heavyweight title. The “fight” ended in Holyfield quitting after suffering a run of the mill cut over his left eye. This fight made me think about the former heavyweight champions still active today. Back in the 1980's, when we had more champions than challengers, which pissed me off, now, it makes me sad. I have compiled a list of heavyweight fighters that continue to fight, but probably need to retire. I realize the quest for the dollar is still alluring, but haven’t we learned a lesson from the sad tale of the late Greg Page? Here we go with a list of former heavyweight champions that need to climb out of the ring and collect retirement:

Evander Holyfield - Probably the best boxer of the 90's. Evander made his way from cruiserweight champion, up to heavyweight champion of the world. Evander was the greatest fighter in the world for a short time, and during that short time, the heavyweight division was very competitive. Since Evander lost the crown, there has never been an unanimous champion. In his latest fight with journeyman Sherman Williams, he took a NC after a cut stopped the fight.

Frans Botha - Frans, 47-5-3 (28), was a fringe heavyweight contender, but he did win the NABF title. In his most recent fight, Botha was KO’d by Evander Holyfield in the eighth round. He was recently rejected by the British Boxing Board of Control as an opponent for heavyweight prospect Tyson Fury and his rematch with Holyfield is in jeopardy of cancellation, depending on how Holyfield’s “cut” heals up. What can we expect from Frans? Probably a couple more fights, but hopefully not.

Riddick Bowe - Although not active since 2008, talks of Bowe stepping back into the ring pop up occasionally. Former world title holder Bowe, 43-1 (33), was part of a small group of heavyweight fighters that stand head over heels over most of the other 90's heavyweights. In winning the world title twice, and having an unforgettable trilogy against Holyfield, Bowe’s career will forever be marked with the decision not to fight his biggest rival, Lennox Lewis. Bowe has shown signs of neuro damage as he slurred his words after his first disqualification win over Andrew Golota. That was also the beginning of his life spiraling for a bit with a very short stint in the US Marines, a domestic incident that included battery and a possible kidnaping. Bowe spent 17 months in a federal prison on those charges. Hopefully the career has finally ended.

Oliver McCall - McCall, 54-10 (37), was a world champion for a short time, knocking out then WBC champion Lennox Lewis. McCall scored a brilliant knockout of Lewis in the champions hometown, connecting with a sharp right hand that put Lewis down and out in the second round. A year later McCall lost that title to Frank Bruno. At an attempt to regain his old title, McCall rematched Lewis for the vacant WBC title. No one will forget what happened in the ring that night. Seemingly frustrated at being beat to the punch, McCall stopped fighting and dropped his hands. He then started to walk around the ring, putting up no defense to the punches that Lewis was throwing. Referee Mills Lane seemed stunned at what was happening to McCall as now he was sobbing uncontrollably, stumbling around the ring and mumbling something. Lane had no choice but to DQ McCall. He has had some good wins since, including a recent victory over Fres Oquendo in December, but legal issues have hampered his career. Two days after defeating Oquendo, McCall was arrested for possession of cannabis. He was continued on the probation he was still on from a cocaine arrest.

So that is a short list and I would love to hear a list of heavyweights that should hang up the gloves, from our readers.

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