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May 14th
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amir-khan-lamont-petersonOk, now that the message boards and Twitter are lighting up with scribes and fans complaining about the Amir Khan – Lamont Peterson conspiracy allegations, let me just remind everyone of something.  This is a corrupt world, and an even more corrupt sport.  I am inclined to believe any allegations until proven false. I know our justice system operates in the opposite fashion, and I am not going to suggest it do otherwise, but let’s look at the facts, as they are coming out.  A representative, who was not credentialed for the fight, was handling scorecards.  He was also celebrating with one fighter after the match.  The scorecards have also allegedly been mysteriously “misplaced”.

As far as I am concerned, that is enough evidence for a conviction, let alone a trial.  Amir Khan is not even asking for that.  He is not asking that the decision (a bad one in my view) be overturned, even though there are substantial grounds for him to do so.  That would actually diminish both men’s legacies.  Avenging a defeat is more memorable and valuable to one’s legacy than calling back a defeat.  That will damage you in people’s eyes.  And why rob Peterson of a chance to say he was world champion for a while… if it ends up helping you both?

I believe Khan can win the rematch, with a different referee and judges.  That is why he is making a lot of noise about the controversy.  Nobody wants to work hard for something, only to have it taken away in corrupt fashion.  Let me also remind the fans that there is no reward for silence.  The fans and corrupt forces that robbed you are not going to pay your bills, or even defend your legacy.  They will remember the result, not the controversy, unless you make enough noise to dwarf the result.

Nobody knows that better than Golden Boy.  Richard Schaefer made so much noise after Bernard Hopkins’ draw against Jean Pascal, that a rematch was ordered.  A rematch was ordered between a champion who had legitimately defended his title, and an optional defense!  True, Hopkins legendary status and shot at making history helped quite a bit, but it was not a lousy decision to begin with.  Anger goes a long long way.

Peterson was a mandatory challenger for Khan.  If a rematch is not ordered, there is no way Peterson would take it.  He would move on to someone like Morales for unification, or up to take on the winner of Berto vs. Ortiz 2.  He’s not sticking around to taste Bradley’s fists again, or risking Khan avenging that fight.  Does anyone really think Evander Holyfield would have ever risked Lennox Lewis again if we hadn’t demanded it with our outrage?  If you want standing up for oneself to be considered negative whining, then reward those who don’t so it, and strive for more justice in the overall.  Until then, we are going to have complaining, and I for one am glad that voice is still around.

Chris Strait

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