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Apr 12th
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fres-oquendo-heavyweight-boxerSo, Fres Oquendo has lost yet another close one, in his opponent's back yard, on a rival promoter's card.  Some variation of this story should be on his headstone when he dies.  It was simply the story of his entire career.  He was given plenty of chances, any certainly the outright robberies on his record are not his own fault, but bad luck is helped out by never changing your M.O.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.  Let's look at a some of his most notorious close calls.
David Tua - Ahead on all cards, Oquendo suffered his first defeat after he was caught by one of Tua's big bombs, and put to sleep in the 9th.  No shame there, as this was Tua's M.O., yet, he was caught by the right and not the left hook, so that part was original.
Chris Byrd - The only time a fighter was so dedicated to fighting off the back foot, that he actually made Byrd come forward!  This must've confused the judges, as Oquendo seemed to clearly win 8 rounds, yet lost a unanimous decision.
John Ruiz - a typical Ruiz fight in which he was probably behind by a few points, but it was scored as if he was ahead by 1.  It didn't matter as Oquendo went to sleep late, and was stopped in round 11.
James Toney - Again, Oquendo made a counterpuncher come forward, and although he seemed to win 7-5, Toney got the decision 7-5, in a dull affair.  He was on promoter's card, in opponent's adopted backyard... this would begin to prove a theme.
Evander Holyfield - relatively neutral territory, but same old Fres... outboxes Holyfield in spots, but keeps allowing the play to be taken away.  Holyfield gets a close split decision, that probably should have gone to Oquendo.
Oliver McCall and Jean-Marc Mormeck - same situation, opponents backyard, he wins, only to lose a split decision.  Both fights he could have dominated, but chose to do just enough to win close, which resulted in him losing close.
Ruslan Chagaev - Oquendo showing superior boxing skills, and for once, he is the one coming on strong late.  However, with the title presented on a silver platter, he did not go all out, and lost a close majority decision.  Again, in opponents' backyard, and again, for a title.
We have not only outlined 8 times this has happened.  We have accounted for all 8 of his losses!  With better promoters and a bit more drive, he could be an undefeated multi-belt champion.  He most certainly would have lost to both Klitschkos, but it would have come with a loftier status than he currently enjoys.  The sad part is that he never seemed to learn a lesson.

Chris Strait



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