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Sep 29th
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Home Boxing Pacquiao Clottey - The Event at Cowboy Stadium
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Pacquiao Clottey - The Event at Cowboy Stadium

pacquiao_vs_clotteyManny Pacquiao vs. Joshua  Clottey
A showy Joshua  Clottey entered the ring with a boogie -like sway, looking both self-assured and vigorous. He received a trivial applause while his humble challenger Manny Pacquiao was greeted with a thunder of claps from thousands who adore him.

Pacquiao began round 1 as the provoker by releasing innumerable jabs at Clottey who succeeded in blocking the attack with a remarkable defense.  Clottey maintained his guard throughout the first 2 rounds, giving the impression that he had a tricky plan in route.  He achieved well by surprising Pacquiao with some swift and unexpected straight jabs that broke through Pacquiao's defense.  Typical of Pacquiao, he shook them off fast and responded with a flurry of constant jabs and hooks that appeared to be interfering with Clottey’s strategy.

Pacquiao stepped it up a notch in round 3 by piling up points, striking Clottey with shots to the body. Rounds 4 and 5 consisted of the same, with Clottey ‘s habitual inclination to defend and Pacquiao’s preference to offend.

Pacquiao commanded the ring on round six and took full advantage of a growingly confused and overly cautious Clottey. Now in mid-fight, Clottey's only option in defeating Pacquiao would be by KO, a conclusion as remote as the possiblity of Pacquiao losing his breath.

Suggested by his trainers, Clottey stepped it up several notches during the final rounds and unloaded some swift combinations in a desperate attempt to accumulate points. But the destruction was already done. There would be no way for Clottey to match the more than 100 punches per round Pacquiao had already accumulated. As predicted by millions, Pacquiao prevailed by unanimous decision and collected another common victory.

Humberto Soto vs. David Diaz
Diaz came in as the aggressor against a more calm and collected Soto. This was a common south paw against a conventional fighter match.  Diaz spent round 2 trying to get Soto to engage but Soto appeared to be waiting for Diaz to splurge his energy. Diaz endured well, but as expected grew slower with every round. Soto finally stepped up momentum in round 5 and traded blows with a determined Diaz. Diaz through more punches, while Soto was selective and had better timing with his punches. This continued on to the final round. Judges eventually gave Soto the WBC lightweight belt by scores of 115-111, 117-109 and 117-109.

Jose Luis Castillo vs. Alfonso Gomez
This fight was a disappointment to many, who expected more out of Jose Luis Castillo. Castillo appeared slow and just didn't put the heart most analysts would expect from a former world class boxer. Castillo appeared to be dragging the fight, while Alfonso Gomez took full advantage of the situation by out punching a washed-out Castillo. The fight was finally stopped after round 5 by Castillo's corner. This was an easy win for Gomez who doubled the punches of Castillo.

John Duddy vs. Michael Medina
Duddy and Medina appeared to be of equal value. Both traded punches with Medina trying to attack with body shots and Duddy with a flurry of punches.  Duddy achieves victory by winning by split decision.


Steven Arredondo

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