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Apr 12th
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Vyacheslav-Shabranskyy-BOXERThe World Series of Boxing introduced many amateur stars into the pro game with a transition unlike any in the past. One of the most visible members of The Los Angeles team is now an unbeaten cruiserweight professional, still making his home in the Los Angeles area.  We caught up with Vyacheslav Shabrasnkyy as he prepares to try to collect his 4th career win.

CA: How old were you when you started boxing?
VS: I started kickboxing when I was 13 and after becoming 2 time world champion in full  and light contact, I tried boxing at the age of 16 and loved it from day one.

CA: Was boxing in your family?
VS: No I'm the first one.

CA: What was your amateur record?
VS: To be honest I lost count, But 150 in kickboxing and after 150th fight in boxing I stopped counting .. Probably 200

CA: Who were your boxing heroes growing up?
VS: Mike Tyson

CA: Where do you live and train now?
VS: Currently live in Los Angeles.  I train all over the place. Mainly Maywood Boxing Gym with Manny Robles.

CA: How had the World Series of Boxing prepared you for the professional ranks?
VS: Wsb is not so different from the pros.. We had no head gear and started with 5 rounds. Also we had an extreme preparation . Great trainers and heavy training routines. When I started as a pro I felt ready.

CA: How would you describe your style to someone who had never seen you fight?
VS: I would say I have a different strategy for every opponent. I don't specifically have a style.

CA: What do you know about your opponent on July 13th?
VS: Not much.  I've seen his videos on you tube... That's about it

CA: You were known as the Ukraine Pain Train back then.  Why have you dropped that nickname?
VS: I didn't make that nickname up. WSB chose it.  So when I became a pro I started fresh and chose a different name that actually I felt matches me.. Lion Heart

CA: You are already fighting 6 rounders.  Do you hope to be moved quickly to a title shot?
VS: It would be great

CA: What has been your greatest moment in boxing so far?
VS: Yes Jan 30th, 2011... first season of WSB. When I took the W over Kenny Egan, Olympic Silver Medalist
That win was a turning point in my career I felt I moved up to the next level. That date is also memorable to me, because this is the day when I met my future wife. And on the 5th of this month our daughter turned 5 month old.

CA: Congratulations.  Where can fans follow you online?
VS: At the moment my website is being built, I'm not really sure when it will be up, but hoping in the next month or so.

Chris Strait

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These two sure know how to enjoy a movie!
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