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May 14th
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Tommy-Morrison-Died-2013Tommy The Duke Morrison has passed away at the age of 44.  In the most recent photo taken of him, it looked as if he was pushing 60.  Most even remotely close to him knew the end was near, and he lived a reckless life that would lead one to self-destruction.  He had flashes of offensive brilliance.  He showed tremendous heart in all matches, and was both the victor in, and victim of, big upsets in the Heavyweight division.  While there was controversy over the way his career ended, there is too, about the way his life ended.  Those things make for a more interesting read, watch, or listen, but they do not make us remember a fighter, or personality, in and of themselves.
We remember the things that matter, when we know we will be receiving no more new output from someone.  I don't care if he really was related to John Wayne, or how closely.  I am not a John Wayne fan anyway.  I don't care if he was or was not HIV positive.  With his style, and frequency of fighting schedule, he probably got to live longer (or more clear headed) by retiring with that diagnosis.  I don't care that he was glass jawed, and had stamina problems.  That only made him more exciting.
I don't care that he was a white American heavyweight.  At that time, we didn't realize what a novelty that was, and it only helped him land big fights.  I don't care that he was in arguably the least memorable of the Rocky films.  His character was believable, and he was a 22 year old fighter who had never acted.  I don't even care that he never got Tyson in the ring.  The ideal time for that fight was when Iron Mike was locked up, and Morrison had already been exposed a bit.
What I care about is the only thing a true fight fan should care about.  Morrison fought in an exciting, but educated style.  He scored big wins, and suffered big defeats, while giving it his all at all times.  He was the supposed 'left-hook only' artist, who knocked out Carl "The Truth" Williams and Joe Hipp with his broken right hand.  He was also the fighter who rose and continued to fight on despite the obvious limitations against Lennox Lewis.  He tried, tried, and tried again, and that was what made him exciting.  His stamina and chin were lacking, and no loss highlighted this more than his match with Ray Mercer, when he ran out of gas after only 4 1/2 rounds, and was pummeled via brutal TKO.
Yet, in his next big fight, with George Foreman, he withstood Foreman's bombs, and out-boxed the bigger man.  His career ended at only 27 years old, yet no one had to wonder what might have been.  He had shown his colors, and they were impressive.  Not quite at the top, but a level beneath... with both the power to beat men better than he, and the vulnerabilities to lose to men beneath him.  He deserved to go out on better terms, from both his career, and his life, but he left behind a body of work of which to be damn proud.

Chris Strait

photo: Battle of Orange County presented by Convicted Artist

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