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Feb 21st
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upper-cut-boxingIt is one of the most important punches in boxing... yet often goes unnoticed.  Nary a combination that lasts more than 4 punches can or should be without one.  It is also responsible for some of the best highlight-reel KO's in the sport.  Yet, when was the last time the uppercut was listed as a fighter's best punch?  When was the last time a trainer mentioned it as part of a game-plan?  It happens all too rarely.  Here are a few of my favorite uppercut-related KO's.
Buster Douglas KO10 Mike Tyson
I know the fight did not technically end via the uppercut, and the dominance was more the result of the jab than any other punch, but the uppercut was the punch that Tyson used to nearly turn the fight around... with a knockdown in round 8.  It was also the punch that spelled doom for Tyson, two rounds later.  Douglas followed a flurry of pawing jabs, with a huge uppercut.  A brief combo later, and Tyson was down and out.  However, if any fight showed what an effective punch this could be for fighters of any height, this was it.  Tyson could also be on this list for his KO wins over Ribalta, Thomas, Ferguson, or Bruno... all wins helped in a big way by the uppercut.
Michael Carbajal KO7 Muangchai Kittikasem
It wouldn't be his biggest win, or even his biggest 7th round KO (Gonzalez), but when he repeatedly decked the Thai fighter to lift his IBF Junior Flyweight title, it was usually with the decisive blow being the left uppercut.  This was a previously unsung punch from right-handed fighters.  Carbajal was a rare huge puncher for the lighter weights, and could certainly do it with either hand.  It was this fight that let everyone know, however, that he could also do it from any angle.
Jeremy Williams KO1 Arthur Weathers
Ok, this fight is not well known, at least not for the punch that landed.  It was 10 second bout, with Williams rebounding from his loss to Larry Donald, in front of his hometown fans.  Williams problem was always his own chin, as well as dedication.  It was never his power.  Probably a fighter that could have easily made cruiser, or even light-heavy, his punch hurt any size of man it landed on.  Weathers was perceived to be a threat because of his own power, but he never got a chance to use it, as a huge right uppercut left the Kentuckian in a semi-conscious state... with the ring announcer still echoing in the background.
Honorable mentions:
Arturo Gatti KO2 Joey Gamache... brutal uppercut ended Gamache's career, and started a lawsuit.
Lennox Lewis KO2 Michael Grant... Grant felled 4 times in 2 rounds, but it started and ended with big right uppercuts.. and not always thrown legally either.
Chris Strait

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