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Jun 27th
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Home MMA Joe Boxer Valenzuela new KOTC Champion
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Joe Boxer Valenzuela new KOTC Champion



Joe_Boxer.jpgVictor “Joe Boxer” Valenzuela has shown his opponents and the world what it takes to be a champion and an exciting fighter.

One year ago Valenzuela demonstrated an impressive performance by defeating long time rival Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett in a grudge rematch. In a 3.23 first round submission Valenzuela did exactly what he said he would do. Today Joe Boxer is the KOTC Welterweight Champion after defeating Joe Camacho via TKO @ 2:14 on round two.

Valenzuela’s next goal is to hopefully take on  KJ Noons, the current Elite XC Lightweight Champion.  Here is what Victor “Joe Boxer” Valenzuela had to say.

CA:Is there a significant difference in age between you and your opponent Joe Camacho, If so do you feel age is a factor? 

Joe Boxer: I am 4 years older than Joe Camacho.  In my case I don’t think age is a factor because I have that much more experience and training behind me.

CA: Do you mentor and train other fighters?

Joe Boxer: Yes, I currently train and mentor athletes of all ages at Millenium.


CA:What is your best advice for someone thinking of making MMA and or Boxing a career? 


 Joe Boxer: Whether you are looking to focus on just boxing learn all aspects of the sport. defense and offense.  If you are looking to get into MMA learn about all the different styles like Mu Thai, Jujitsu ect.. And if you are looking at getting into it competively always learn your opponent

CA: As a current trainer, which principles do you instill in your fighters? 

Joe Boxer: First of all is dedication is most important. And if you are a competitive fighter you must learn that every fighter is different and you must conform to that opponent.  Be a chameleon of sorts.

CA:Which fighters do you most admire and respect? 

Joe Boxer: In boxing is Margarito, I feel we have a similar fighting style.  Cage fighting would be Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira,

CA:What qualities do you feel make a great fighter? 

Joe Boxer: Heart and being well rounded.

C.A:What age did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in MMA?

Joe Boxer: After retiring from boxing at age 30. I decided to check out other styles of fighting. Because of my conditioning my trainers and coach felt that I would make a great cage fighter. 

CA: Many people predict that you're going to make it big. You're in your prime and have an open road of opportunity. What next?

Joe Boxer: Move on to the next opponent and continue to fight my way to the top.

CA:Do you truly believe you're going to make a huge impact in the profession of MMA? If so please tell us why?  

Joe Boxer: Yes, I think I will make a big impact in the MMA world. Because I am a striker, stand up fighter, rock um and sock um robot. And the fans seem to prefer a toe to toe fighter.

CA: We all have dreams and fantasies. If you could step into the ring with a world known boxer of your choice right now, who would it be?

Joe Boxer:  I would love to fight De La Hoya but since I am currently cage fighting I would like to fight KJ Noons ( Karl James Noons) the current Elite XC lightweight champion.  I want his belt !

CA: Who is the boxing & MMA legend you most respect and admire? 

Joe Boxer: As far as boxer it would have to be Julio Cesar Chavez, he had heart, style and he was the full package.  As for MMA, BJ Penn who is a phenomenal all around fighter.

CA: Which other true passions do you have other than MMA?

Joe Boxer: Raising Birmingham Roller Pigeons.  These pigeons are famous for doing summer saults. I have been raising them since I was 8 years old.

CA: One of our favorite quotes here at Convicted Artist is "We'd rather be despised for Conviction, than to be loved for Submission". May you please share with us the quote or quotes that give you strength and keep you one step ahead of the game?

Joe Boxer: He who would live must fight, he who will not fight in this world where eternal struggle is the law of life, has not the right to exist.

CA: I realize losing is not an option. As a seasoned fighter in your opinion do you think its wrong for a fighter to think about losing? 

Joe Boxer: No, I don’t think about loosing. If you think about loosing you are lost.

CA: Plans after your next Fight,

Joe Boxer: If you win?  Continue on fighting and take it to the next level. And increase my collection of title belts.

CA: If you lose? 

Joe Boxer: Its not an option

CA: Personal goals aside from fighting?

Joe Boxer: Build my own gym to continue doing what I love which is to teach and mentor. 

CA: Joe Boxer it's been one grand pleasure to interview you. We'll save the best for last and let you make an unedited shout out.

Joe Boxer: I want to give a shout out to my coaches, conditioning and all around coaches Romie Aram, and Betiss Mansourri , Patrick Lucero (boxing Coach), Javier Vazquez ( Grappling Coach). Thank all my team mates from Millennia Jiu-Jitsu. And I cant forget to mention the sponsors who make it all possible.

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Upcoming Event  - Victor Valenzuela vs. Isaac Gutierrez |
August 10, 2013
Citizens Bank Arena, Ontario, CA
Valenzuela (12-6-2) vs. Gutierrez (5-3-0)
.  - Victor Valenzuela MMA Record |
Matt Shorey Gladiator Challenge - Bombs Away
Feb / 26 / 2012 TKO (Punches)
N/A 1 2:14
loss Joe Camacho RITC - Respect in the Cage
Mar / 12 / 2011 Decision (Split)
N/A 3 5:00
win David Salas Gladiator Challenge - Legends Collide 2
Feb / 20 / 2011 TKO (Punches)
N/A 3 1:07
win Brendan Ellison Gladiator Challenge - Season's Beatings 2
Dec / 12 / 2010 TKO (Punches)
N/A 1 1:18
loss Donald Sanchez KOTC - Vengeance
Feb / 12 / 2010 TKO (Punches)
Herb Dean 4 4:05
loss Tony Hervey KOTC - Superstars
Aug / 13 / 2009 TKO (Doctor Stoppage)
N/A 2 1:32
win Gabe Rivas KOTC - Legends
Jun / 06 / 2009 TKO (Punches)
N/A 1 3:23
win Donald Sanchez KOTC - Immortal
Feb / 27 / 2009 Decision (Unanimous)
N/A 5 5:00
loss Brian Warren KOTC - Prowler
Dec / 11 / 2008 Decision (Unanimous)
N/A 3 5:00
win Joe Camacho KOTC - Bio Hazard
Aug / 14 / 2008 TKO (Punch to the Body)
Herb Dean 2 2:14
win Charles Bennett ShoXC - Elite Challenger Series
Aug / 25 / 2007 Submission (Punches)
John Manley 1 3:23
loss James Edson Berto Strikeforce-EliteXC - Shamrock vs. Baroni
Jun / 22 / 2007 Submission (Heel Hook)
Mario Yamasaki 1 0:47
win Scottie Ayres KOTC - Sinister
Apr / 27 / 2007 Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
N/A 1 0:30
win Albert Hill KOTC - Caged Chaos
Mar / 10 / 2007 Submission (Armbar)
N/A 1 1:01
win Toby Grear CXF 4 - California Extreme Fighting 4
Oct / 07 / 2006 KO (Punch)
N/A 1 2:26
win Juan Rivas CXF - California Xtreme Fighting 1
Apr / 29 / 2006 Submission (Armbar)
N/A 2 2:17
win Tim Cree KOTC - The Return
Mar / 19 / 2006 KO
N/A 1 0:12
draw Richard Solis KOTC 61 - Flash Point
Sep / 23 / 2005 Draw
N/A 2 5:00
draw Charles Bennett KOTC 58 - Prime Time
Aug / 05 / 2005 Draw
N/A 2 5:00
loss Shad Smith KOTC 31 - King of the Cage 31
Dec / 06 / 2003 Decision (Unanimous)
N/A 2 5:00
Lucy  - question? |
hey Victor you don't know me! but i have a question to ask if you please write back dou you know Omar Angel Segura he wants to ask you something but write back so i know is you! or call me at760-696-3882
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