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Dec 08th
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Home MMA South Texas Fighting Championship Results: Danny Salinas Ends Night with an Electrifying Knockout
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South Texas Fighting Championship Results: Danny Salinas Ends Night with an Electrifying Knockout

 stfc-resultsThe McAllen Convention Center in McAllen, Texas was frantic as the STFC promotional entity presented “May Day”: the card was packed with explosive bouts as many local and surrounding area favorites lit the night on fire.  The spectacle was capped off by a main event featuring Rio Grande Valley favorite “Dangerous” Danny Salinas taking on the always daring Booker Arthur. 

 The exploit was kicked off with one of two siblings competing tonight as Elias Urbina (younger brother of UFC TUF contestant Hector Urbrina) made his professional debut by locking horns with Josh Sharpless in a three round middleweight competition.  Urbina shot out of the gate seeking to strike and managed to land several early knees to Sharpless's face and body.  Sharpless blasted in looking for the takedown but the debuting fighter defended well.  He kept at it and managed a takedown, immediately securing a full mount.  Sharpless proceeded to ground-and-pound but Urbina kept his composure, coming to his feet.  Urbina managed some strikes but was taken back to the floor.  The second opened with Sharpless securing another takedown and the ground-and-pound this time caused serious damage as Urbina’s nose was severely compromised and gushing blood.  The bout was momentarily halted but once it proceeded, Urbina’s fury was evident as he attacked Sharpless with reckless abandon.  The blood splattered all over the cage and onto both fighters.  Urbina controlled the fight on the mat in the third round, as he back mounted Sharpless and successfully elbowed to the head and body.  In the end, the judges awarded Urbina his first professional win via unanimous decision. 

 The second battle of the night featured Texan Raul Ramos in his professional debut meeting Saltillo, Mexico native Eduardo Bustillos (2-0) in a three round featherweight contest.  Bustillos brutalized Ramos with knee strikes, punches, takedowns, and a few failed guillotine attempts.  Ramos was game but overwhelmed early.  The Texan managed to survive the onslaught.   The second stanza started out much like the first as the Mexican battered Ramos around the cage.  After a quick takedown, Bustillos finished Ramos via rear naked choke.

The Urbina family linage continued as Gilberto Urbina battled Salvador Gonzalez in their professional debuts during the third meeting of the show.  The match was scheduled for three rounds in the welterweight division.  Urbina came out jabbing and landed a hard right.  Gonzalez attempted to return fire but was quickly taken to the cage floor.  Urbina managed to control the round on the floor with consistent action.  The second mirrored the first as Urbina managed to continually take Gonzalez to the mat but neither fighter were really able to sustain any kind of attack.  Urbina attempted a rear naked choke but Gonzalez was able to avoid the submission.  Gonzalez managed to land some punches and elbows but nothing consistent.  The third stanza was a ground battle with Urbina controlling the action as he managed to land punches in spurts.  The Urbina family managed a second win as Gilberto was awarded a unanimous decision.  

Featherweights Stephen Perez (2-0) and Mike Lytle (pro debut) fought in a bout scheduled for three turns.  Perez (McAllen) and Lytle (Austin) began by slugging with the Austin native getting the better of the exchanges.  Perez managed a takedown and gained side control but the action was minimal as Lytle defended well.  The middle round saw moderate success from Perez as he did land some ground-and-pound shots but Lytle had a tight defense the prevented serious damage.  The McAllen fighter controlled the action.  The third saw sloppy MMA as most of the round was spent with the fighters on the mat doing little.  In the end, the local boy did enough to gain a unanimous decision victory.

Mission, Texas native Leroy Martinez (2-0) and San Antonio-based Ruben Martinez (1-2) continued the promotion at 135 pounds.  The fight opened with nervous energy as both fighters punched but neither was in range to land.  Leroy Martinez was able to find some range with his right as Ruben Martinez retreated often.  The round lacked continuous action as neither fighter would commit.  The second continued the same rhythm as the previous with both fighters swinging and missing often.  The Mission resident appeared to do a bit better but neither fighter took control.  In the final stave, Leroy Martinez was able to land the harder and clearer punches as the San Antonio native did little outside of retreating and covering up.  Leroy Martinez improved to 3-0 with a unanimous decision.    

The co-main event highlighted Victor Martinez (2-2) taking on Mike Bustos (2-0 at welterweight.  This bout resulted after both Bustos and Martinez had opponents that dropped out at the last minute; Martinez usually fights at lightweight.  The opening salvo was a standup affair as both Martinez and Bustos enjoyed success.  Although Martinez is the naturally smaller man, his shots seemed to cause more damage.  Bustos fought back and both combatants fired away as the first came to a close.  Martinez took control in the second with more hard strikes to the head and body.  Although Bustos momentarily landed hard shots, Martinez appeared to carry the round with hard body strikes and the higher work rate.  The third saw Martinez continue to outland Bustos.  Bustos’s nose began to bleed profusely after a hard right hand by Martinez.  The combatants ended up on the cage floor with Martinez, again, the busier of the two.  The cards ended with a victory for Victor Martinez.

The final prizefight of the night brought the fans to their feet as local favorite “Dangerous” Danny Salinas (12-4) battled against fellow Texan Booker Arthur (3-4) in the STFC cage.  The match was booked for three rounds at the lightweight limit.  Salinas, who hydrated up to 185 pounds by fight time, came out slow and was methodically looking for spots.  Arthur moved frenetically, not giving the South Texas resident an opportunity to land anything solid.  After a quick pause due to Salinas being nicked in an eye, Salinas avoided a takedown and released hellfire on Arthur as he landed hard elbows to the head and punches to the midsection.  Salinas secured side control and was attempting to work an arm bar submission but was unsuccessful.   Still, the Rio Grande Valley native maintained control as the round closed.  The middle round saw Salinas having to defend himself as Arthur managed to secure a back mount and landed shots to the side of Salinas’s head.  Salinas worked feverishly and was finally able to come to his feet with Arthur clinching on to his back.  Booker worked hard knee strikes to the legs of the Mexican-American as the round came to a close.  The final chapter of the combat was halted after Arthur landed a hard kick to below the beltline.  Salinas recovered and proceeded to land combinations.  Arthur returned fire and was able to execute a takedown but Salinas quickly came to his feet and landed a thunderous heel strike to his foe’s midsection.  With the fight hanging in the balance, Arthur rushed in only to be met by a ferocious kick to the head from Salinas that turned out Arthur’s lights immediately.  The referee quickly waived the contest off as the medics rushed in to aid Arthur who lay motionless on the mat.  The crowd cheered as their hometown hero gave them an unforgettable knockout.

Sergio L. Martinez (Live Cage Side)



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