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Apr 25th
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boxing_imageAmir Khan vs. Danny Garcia
This matchup is the most fun fight of July, perhaps.  Many things had to unmaterialize for this fight to take place.  Peterson's drug test, the lousy decision between Rios and Abril, the abandoned plans of Juan Manuel Marquez, etc.  However, if Khan wins, and Bradley remains at 147 after the Pacquiao fight, Khan vs. Peterson is much more lucrative.  It will be for the undisputed 140lb title, and will feature an advantage for Khan, since Peterson is not likely to take even vitamins prior to his next fight.  Even if Garcia wins, he will be the man at 140lbs, moreso than Peterson... wich will in turn force that fight to take place.

Not to mention the action that the fight itself could produce.  Garcia is a good fighter, who was belted by catching Erik Morales at the right time.  Something tells me he is not ready for a fighter like Amir Khan, who is still a cut above most others.  Garcia will work hard, and even win a few rounds, but Khan is motivated, ready, and needs to make a statement.  In or about round 6 or 7, the gap in talent will reveal itself.  Khan by late round TKO, probably on cuts or swelling.

Brandon Rios vs. Mauricio Herrera
What is this?  The battle of guys who get gift decisions?  Herrera is just good enough to give Rios problems if Rios is unsure of himself.  Rios may have the weight issue behind him, but he also has another fighter in front of him, who is very good at outboxing plodding sluggers.  I think Herrera will do so just enough to make it close and intersting, but Rios will outwork him.  Bam Bam also has the better connections to get a close, but not bad, decision.

Wladimir Klitschko vs. Tony Thompson
Not much has happened for either man since their first meeting.  Klitschko has gotten even more careful, and Thompson has gotten older.  I don't think Thompson has seen anything new, so much as he has forgotten what facing Klitschko is like.  Somewhere in the first few rounds, he will get tagged hard enough to jog his memory.  I hope for the fans' sakes Thompson does get brave, and make it interesting.  He has the size and skills to do just that.  Gut instinct, however, tells me that we are looking at another long night, this time all the way.  Klitschko by wide UD.

Nonito Donaire vs. Jeffrey Mathebula
Something tells me Donaire at 122 is not quite the puncher he was at other weights.  Not sure if we will see that tested much at this level... but he is unifying belts, and that is admirable, especially considering this division now contains Guillermo Rigondeaux and Abner Mares.  Good luck on them fighting each other... they are waiting on you, Nonito.  Donaire by wide decision... his third in a row.  And Mathebula will be the second South African to be shut out in Carson, CA in as many months.

Chris Strait

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