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Feb 24th
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boxing_imageMarco Huck vs. Giacobbe Fragomeni
The first of two cruiserweight title fights this month.  It should be exciting while it lasts, but a question that will dog Fragomeni the rest of his career is, how much does he have left.  Huck also has a way recently of stopping fighters who usually hang tough.  Sauerland is likely positioning Huck and Cunningham to face each other in a rematch unification for the Ring Magazine title, so they are not likely to take any chances with either man.  Also, Zsolt Erdei looked painfully slow in lifting the WBC title from Fragomeni over a year ago, and a prime Huck is certain to give him even more problems.  Huck will dominate, and win by TKO, about round 8 or 9.

Krystoff Wlodarczyk vs. Francisco Palacios

While it’s very difficult to win in Poland against Wlodarczyk, it has been done before.  Palacios has not exactly beaten a who’s who if capable contenders, yet Louis Azille, Donnell Wiggins, and Luis Pineda have been around for years, and both were KO’d easily by the Puerto Rican.  Wlodarczyk is always competitive, but rarely if ever dominant.  That makes him ripe for a defeat, against someone who knows how to turn it on.  Barring a lousy referee or judges, I am picking Palacios by late round KO.

Palacios is a Don King fighter, and if he wins, we may actually see two unifications in the cruiserweight division soon.  Idle WBA champion Guillermo Jones vs. Palacios for the Carribbean unification, and Huck vs. Cunningham for the German one.  Imagine that!  A clear champ at 200lbs?  The winner of that tourney will certainly try to immediately move up to heavyweight.  They will also lose badly, but it is fun to watch a champion made, even if they do not last.

Vladimir Klitschko vs. Derek Chisora

I can only hope Chisora was chosen as an opponent for his courage.  At least that way, we only need to watch 2 or 3 rounds of this mismatch.  Odds are, however, that he’ll run a bit before he succumbs.  Klitshcko by easy 5th round KO.

Chris Strait

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