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Feb 25th
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zab-judah-vs-danny-garciaZab Judah vs. Danny Garcia
Like most, I am picking Garcia... unlike most, I am not so sure.  Typically Judah loses at the top level, and wins one level beneath it.  He exposes men like Vernon Paris, loses to men like Amir Khan, and cuts it close against guys like Matthysse.  Add to that, Garcia's only recent impressive performance consists of catching a weak-chinned Khan, and getting a friendly stoppage.  Other than that, it's two wins over a shot Erik Morales.  I am not sold on Garcia yet.  It is also a Brooklyn bout for hometown boy, Judah.  I think Judah will give it his all, and jump out to an early lead... but the natural durability and power of Garcia will make it so that he will not get discouraged by falling behind.  When Judah smells the lack of fear, his own will kick in.  Garcia by close UD, or late TKO.

Gavin Rees vs. Adrien Broner
Not only will Adrien Broner be staring someone in the eye at lightweight this time, but he will do so, with a sizeable reach advantage, and power advantage.  Simply put, this is another former belt-holder being put in there to make Broner look good.  Although Rees has come back well since his only loss, to Andreas Kotelnik, he has done so with a Prizefighter Tourney win, as well as capturing the British and European titles.  Nice regional accolades, but they do not prepare you for a monster like Broner.  Broner's fights keep going one or two more rounds than the one before it, since his decision over Ponce DeLeon.  This is a chance to get back to an earlier night.  Think Zaveck vs. Berto, and that is exactly what we are seeing here... maybe even quicker.  Broner by one-sided TKO, in 4 rounds.

Johnathan Banks vs. Seth Mitchell 2
No matter what happens here, Banks had the best 8 day span of anyone in the heavyweight division in 2012.  Training the heavyweight champion, and toppling his own country's most hyped prospect.  So, Banks and Mitchell can both punch, and neither man can really take it.  Add to that their fearlessness, and you have a great fight no matter how you slice it.  The choice of referee is important here.  A jumpy California or England referee will certainly wave it off too soon.  Steve Smoger is the only man who should be assigned to these two men.  This rematch is happening too quickly for Mitchell to change anything, but foul plots may be afoot, so that Golden Boy can re-anoint Mitchell as the heir apparent.  I think this time Banks will open stronger, but Mitchell will catch him.  Don't be surprised if there is a controversial ending, but I see Mitchell getting the win this time, probably by TKO in the middle rounds.

Chris Strait

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