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Apr 25th
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yusuf-mack-allan-green-hasim-rahmanWell, I actually have done one of these recently, but there are already additions to be made.  I don't want to have to re-add Glen Johnson to this list, but it looks as if I have to do so.  The Road Warrior does not get his own paragraph, but just my head-shaking.  It's sad if he cannot let go.  It's even sadder if he needs the money.

Yusuf Mack
I know he has a big fight ahead of him against Carl Froch, but we've seen Mack fail at this level enough times to know how this is going to end.  Trouble is, Mack does not just fail, he wins at the lower level.  This way, he can continue to earn shots where he will fail.  That is bad enough if he is losing decisions while showing toughness and durability.  However, Mack is weak-chinned, and easily broken down.. Therefore, he could get hurt.  I don't anticipate the drop to 168lbs making any difference, either.  Like Johnson, I hope this is one last UK payday on which to walk away.

Allan Green
He is coming off a win.  So what?  He was dropped and hurt again, this time by a glorified clubfighter.  Green showed heart and toughness, but that will only make it worse.  He has no chin left, and was getting hurt at Middleweight.  Now, he is struggling to make 175lbs.  He looked promising as a prospect, and has talked his way into several money fights, so his finances should be in order.  There is no need to keep chasing that last shot.  He's already getting KO'd in brutal fashion, and now hurt by smaller journeyman fighters.  Time to walk away.  His sharp mind would be better served preserved, in order to aid young fighters.

Hasim Rahman
This one was a no-brainer years ago.  I understand why he took the Povetkin match.  When an asinine sanctioning body requires a belt-holder to fight you, even though you haven't won a fight in a couple years, you don't look that gift horse in the mouth.  However, we thought that last payday for The Rock was vs. Klitschko years back.  He is coming in overweight, and not looking he wants any part of the fight game in interviews, press conferences, or the ring itself.  This was a sad end for the last American linear heavyweight champion.  I'll bet his bank account says otherwise after the Povetkin fight, so he should keep that happy asterisk, and go out on that 'ka-ching' note.

Chris Strait

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