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Oct 20th
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chris_straitReferee Mark Nelson had two very bizarre stoppages Friday Night on Shobox.  Not that I think either of the wrong men won, but James McGirt Jr. was clearly capable fo reaching the final bell, and was in no way hurt when the bout was called.  Nelson also gave Kevin Engel too much time to recover... and then once Engel had receover, Nelson stopped the fight!  Some poeple don't really absorb the classic message/mantra of referees.  "These people came to see the fighters, not the ref!"
Speaking of referee discretion, there was a lot of rabbit punching controversy this weekend.  Allan Green and Rafael Marquez to a lesser extent both complained of being hit in the back of the head.  Let me clear this up right now.  If your back is turned, and you are intentionally clubbed by your opponent, that is a rabbit punch.  If a legal punch is thrown, and before it gets there, you turn and get caught behind the ear, that is your fault.   
Speaking of Green, he now has excuses for 3 losses.  I think the bloom is off the rose here.  He just doesn't quite have what it takes at the higher level.  Good power, good offesnive skills... but no chin, and too many bad habits. 
Speaking of bad habits, did anyone else notice that Juanma Lopez seemed to take over the fight when Rafael Marquez started burrowing his head into Lopez's midsection?  It's as if the deducted point from Lopez for holding his head down changed Marquez's game plan.  Don't try to win by DQ if you are winning the fight anyway.  This closing of the gap, gave Juanma the position to spin Marquez around, and land good shots.  It also forced Marquez to loop his right hand in order to land it, further compromising a previous shoulder injury.
Speaking of injuries, I never buy it until I see a fighter/promoter lose money because of one.  I think way too often, injuries are an excuse to postpone fights that weren't generating enough income, and/or when the "injured" fighter was likely going to lose.
Speaking of losing, Abraham is looking in more and more trouble as the Super Six proceeds.  In Ward he would face a fighter like Dirrell, who boxed his ears off, but even better.  In Glen Johnson, he faces a mirror image of himself: good power, defense, chin, and stamina, but bigger, and with more experience.  He may beat Froch, but looks like spring 2011 (barring a lousy decision, which is always a possibility), may be where King Arthur loses his seat at the table.
Speaking of the table, "setting it" it is a great analogy for setting up a knockout.  Teddy Atlas often uses it, and it is a good reminder to go to the body.  Way too many fighters make it very hard on themselves, when they try to score highlight reel knockouts.  Glen Johnson is a good example to follow.  His two best highlight reel knockouts came against fighters (Green and Jones Jr.) that he was wearing down all night.

Chris Strait


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